Druid Enhancements

As you all know I have been rocking the Druid this life. Sitting at level 17 (18 banked) I have a few thoughts I am ready to share.

Winter Wolf form is stupid good meaning that Seasons’ Herald is a fine PRE, I have been watching the wife tear through content, that Nature’s Warrior might be even better. What is Nature’s Warrior? More damage when attacking. Up to 4d6 more dice if you’re sneaking attacking. And if you’re in a group meleeing you will want the extra damage to rack up the kills to proc….

Reaving Roar, a stance that while activated says kill a guy and sound burst for 13d6 centered on you for free. I am not 100% sure that your metas are applied but I think they are. The damage is good enough that I am tempted to work in a way to boost my sonic damage more then I currently am.

I also am a fan of Nature’s Warden. At first I miss read it thinking that my attacks would gain this extra damage, but I didn’t notice any boost fighting the undeads and assumed it was bugged and planed to leave it out. But then I started to notice some extra damage from my Walls and decided to keep it. And now that I am using earthquake I see it doing that bane damage even though it normally wouldn’t do any damage.

Speaking of earthquake, this spell is Amazing! With a capital A! I would have to look up the DC numbers but lets just say unlike the other CC that gets thrown around this one keeps trying to work threw its duration. Its only down sides are 1, it is a little shorter then other mass CC spells at 30 secs and 2, you might waist that 30 secs laughing. I swear there is very little as funny as watching a bunch of mobs falling over and over like a Bennie Hill clip. IF you remember to WoF or Ice storm while tripping everything it will kill them and you can keep laughing. More so if you have Reaving Roar running and let that extra sonic damage fire off too.

More often then not I run and run until orange skull Jump Earthquake/WoF. Cone of cold-breath spam as needed and let Reaving roar clean up tripped mobs. Fun times.

Lastly I want to point out Celerity. Not sure how you say that out loud… But I will say if you have to apply the beat down for more then a handful of attacks 15 seconds of massive double strike is sweet (even if it has a massive cool down) add your favorite weapon proc and maybe another double strike effect or two and watch the procs fly. I used this a ton while fighting the big black bone in the quest I cheat on Shadow Crypt with aka Litany. There is something to be said about double striking with a Lit 2 and seeing many lighting bolts fly. Sigh…

So those are my main enhancements this life, but what do I know? I am just a spell throwing dog? Next post: Did you know that Druids get Flyby Attack at level 17? But better? It is called Snowslide.

2 thoughts on “Druid Enhancements

  1. I THINK I went Season’s Herald with my druid… I really need to play her more. I do know that Earthquake is not nearly so awesome when it’s being used against you. LOL

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