Challengebot is Operational

Yes I know I wanted to do a Green House update, but I wanted to wait for some new pictures and I forgot my phone in the house when I went out to get things rolling and when I was done I didn’t feel like going in and out again…. Lazy as hell I know.

But that gave me 10 more mins of DDo time and I used that time to finally take a look at the Bladeforged. Now thanks to Melkior I decided to set up my first Bladeforged as a 12/2/1 sorc/monk/pally. And have to say it was fun jumping to 15 even if there were some race/class/alignment restrictions.

I took my xp and ran to the market place, no sir I was not about to be drone 10392775903 for the LoB…

Leveling I just went Hps, Combat feats and spell damage boosting metas. Oh and the evoc feat for the Sorc pre line. I went fire and force, by the way. Think it will do well enough. Then I hit the gear cache… Wow there is some good stuff in there. Not anything to go crazy gagga over, but some good stuff. Good enough in my mind other then a weapon think I am good to smash challenges, maybe a fire and force sp boosting item some place… Maybe I can craft a great sword with a red slot for damage and fit in some SP???
If I could TR into or out of these guys I would swap Java to a bladeforged more often then not. They look fairly badass. And the cosmetic docents with the Shredder hand blades look amazing. I might even make another one up to play around with some as a pally/monk just to fight unharmed and have it look like I am punch/stabbing people in the face. Have to say I wasn’t excited about them but after rolling one up I totally feel like having another to fiddle with.

Okay, back to work, if I can nab a few pics and a short video at lunch I will have that garden update for you, if not maybe on Tuesday.


Raiding as an Artificer

Raiding as an Artificer is a lot different then normal questing and challenge running is a lot different still. This weekend I got to try both raiding on my artificer and challenges (both epic and none epic).

Things I learned:

Even my sorc felt less squishy. In a raid group where there are people assigned to heal the party often over look the artificer. I guess, they are over looked as WF arties are so good at healing themselves and I guess the fleshy arties are rare monsters. I learned to life with a heal scroll in my hand any time I was not standing with the melees. The killer is the only time I died in an elite Vod we ran over the weekend I was both with the melees and standing in an healing aura and died waiting for a mass that never came….

Preping all the weapon damage buffs kills your other spell options. I don’t know about you but on my lvl 18 arty losing Radiant Forcefield and Prismatic Strike for silver and align weapons really hurts. And pulling a six level spell for Deadly often means putting your healing in someone else’s hands when it comes to that red bar.

Also you need to expect that people are dumb. Yes even other arties. At one point I heard, “Sam, can you re silver me?” I say sure and cast silver on that person (happened to be Fopo). Before too long Fopo sends a tell “Silver plz not cold iron”. I don’t even have cold iron prepped. So the other arty (who didn’t buff anyone that I know of) had to cast over my silver. With what happed to be a useless buff, almost harmful buff at that.

Sooner or later everyone wants something, just try to be super clear and flexible to giving buffs. People will have the wrong weapon out when they ask for a buff or die and need rebuffed. And you need to be able to help them out when it happens.

As for challenges you are great. The things that make you needed and wanted in raids weaken you in challenges. But swapping in to a casting, soloing layout is pure gold. Don’t get me wrong weapon buffs are important, but a good BBer that can also heal a tank while not burning SP to dps bosses is huge. More then one run I went after and killed the dragon and then ran back to the group in time to help fopo tank and kill the boss spawn. Then returned to clearing trash with the remaining sp.

The last big thing I think I learned this weekend is a pure arty is a lighting rod set on fire and doused in an acid bath aka no evasion so so at best reflex saves is a killer. Find room for more then just the normal 30 fire/cold/elc/acid/sonic and pro of the same. Find room for those 33% fire and elc absorption item/s.

But I really love the class, to the point that I am thinking of returning to it and not the Wizard post Completionest feat…