Challengebot is Operational

Yes I know I wanted to do a Green House update, but I wanted to wait for some new pictures and I forgot my phone in the house when I went out to get things rolling and when I was done I didn’t feel like going in and out again…. Lazy as hell I know.

But that gave me 10 more mins of DDo time and I used that time to finally take a look at the Bladeforged. Now thanks to Melkior I decided to set up my first Bladeforged as a 12/2/1 sorc/monk/pally. And have to say it was fun jumping to 15 even if there were some race/class/alignment restrictions.

I took my xp and ran to the market place, no sir I was not about to be drone 10392775903 for the LoB…

Leveling I just went Hps, Combat feats and spell damage boosting metas. Oh and the evoc feat for the Sorc pre line. I went fire and force, by the way. Think it will do well enough. Then I hit the gear cache… Wow there is some good stuff in there. Not anything to go crazy gagga over, but some good stuff. Good enough in my mind other then a weapon think I am good to smash challenges, maybe a fire and force sp boosting item some place… Maybe I can craft a great sword with a red slot for damage and fit in some SP???
If I could TR into or out of these guys I would swap Java to a bladeforged more often then not. They look fairly badass. And the cosmetic docents with the Shredder hand blades look amazing. I might even make another one up to play around with some as a pally/monk just to fight unharmed and have it look like I am punch/stabbing people in the face. Have to say I wasn’t excited about them but after rolling one up I totally feel like having another to fiddle with.

Okay, back to work, if I can nab a few pics and a short video at lunch I will have that garden update for you, if not maybe on Tuesday.


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