Xpac Purchasing Options

So unless I am your only source of news, you know that DDo opened up sales to pre order for another expansion pack. Like Turbine is good at doing there are perks NOW when you pre order. And I am sitting here trying to work but I am mulling over my options for the pre order, hence the bonus post. I need to make up my mind as to not keep finding myself distracted.

So I know I want the collector’s edition, I think I can use the bladeforged and make a Tucaw like build for farming challenges. All the unlocks for the collector’s ed are solid. Hell for 50$ the collector ed of the xpac is a steal. Throw in the order before Aug 19th perks I need this to happen now.

The question in my mind is to get the TP bonus pack and do the legendary upgrade or just one or the other or neither.

I have to say my first gut feeling is to get them all. But looking at the cost of all three that is 150 bucks, which not a bad deal really. But we are a family of DDo players. That means at least what ever I do for myself take that times two and maybe times three. And that is a lot of cabbage…

Okay so the son/my alt account (we share) doesn’t need anything right away, so lets sit that guy on the back burner. But I still have 2 heavily played accounts to make plans for, the wife’s and mine. What one gets the other normally does too.

Thinking to the last xpac I passed on the TP bundle and I have been kicking myself almost ever since, Otto’s boxes are not cheep but for 60$ I can buy points for 2 and have left over Tps? Sounds good. But then if I do that can I really afford to get the legendary upgrade times two?

Okay so lets slow down. Is the legendary upgrade any good to me?

Gold seal Hires… Good. I don’t use them a ton; but there are times when I am alone and I am in over my head and another body wouldn’t suck. Have to assume they are different skinned Panther hire and I tend to use the panther to protect streak in some quests when solo TRing. A free gold seal 17 would be okay…

+3 Skill Tomes x2… I know I said they were not all that great or that big of a deal when talking about them earlier today stands out to me. But having a total of two +3s and a +2 is very interesting…

Tomes of learning, Do I want all my guys to have the epic tome of learning? Yes. Would I buy them all one? No.

I think I went from the xpac+Tp bundle to xpac+ legendary… It is cheaper while I might not get as much bang for my buck today it will me better in the long run.
As for the TP bundle I think in a few weeks I can do a little saving and when I pick up the xpac for the boy’s account I can nab the TP bundle and use the code on my account. Not that his account can’t use the TP also but hey if he wants more Tps he can pay for them!

3 thoughts on “Xpac Purchasing Options

  1. You can totally, use the xPac Codes and TP codes you get from pre-ordering any account you want. howeer, I am not sure if you can get more than 1 TP bundle per order, didn’t pay attention that much when I placed my order yesterday.

  2. My static group has had a talk about the zpac and deals. Sadly for turbine the xpacs are rubbish basically. They really need to up their game, get real gamer input and not allow management with $ signs in their eyes make all the discisions. They cant afford to alienate players like this.

  3. Only having 1 account to fret over, I opted for the trifecta of squee. Unfortunately, the Owlbear (level 17 is all I’ve used thus far) is near worthless (lever puller and fodder basically). Granted, I first pulled him out in some level 20 Cannith Challenges on a pretty gimped character who is currently on a LR timer and in between his final build out. The Panther far outlasts it (with roughly the same HPs). I’ll have to try out the level 25 version, but from what I’ve read on the forums, it doesn’t fare much better. I do know that you can pull all 3 (both Owlbears and Panther) out at the same time. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

    Keavaa, out of curiosity (as I have read comments similar to yours over the past few days), what would constitute an acceptable Xpac and bonuses?

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