Reflections: Druid/Skullsmasher, Skill Tomes and Cranes?

Today’s blog topic/s are a suggestion from the twitterverse, because I have tomorrow Green House update on the brain and I want to take some video/pictures for that post, I needed something else to ramble on about for a bit. And asking twitter is an easy way to get reader interaction.

“Follow up to your Druid and skullsmasher. How did it work out? What do you think of Skill Tomes? :)” – Untitled of Orien

Thanks Untitled, It is not like I am trying to give up on the druid goodness or anything…. But while this is a place to wine, now is not the time. How did the Skullsmasher do? It was amazing in everyway but proficiency. Yep, druids are not proficient with light maces, which sucks! The non-proficiency penalties regardless of what it says in game is -25% to hit vs the -4 that it was/still claims in game. Loosing a quarter of your attack bonus is a big deal in today’s environment.

But lots of casters can cast Master’s Touch on you as well as you can buy scrolls in the portable hole. Thankfully the Skullsmasher is a one handed weapon.

Other then that one down side it was all upside, the damage on normal hits was stellar 3.5[d10] 17-20 X3 is real hard to beat, want to say my max Wisdom druid was still doing about 90-120 on non spell attack/non crit hits and crits were in the 300-400s. Add in that my double strike wasn’t maxed out but was still at least 20-30% or so, making chaining attacks not uncommon. Right before TRing I saw more then one 4 hit double strike chains go off.

The holy Tod ring did its job well, allowing me to slot adamantine for the complex DR issues I was having at the time.

Overall, I liked the Skullsmasher enough that when I saw the hEpic verson being given away I nabbed it up. Originally I thought I might want it for my rogue’s off hand but now I am thinking it might be better used on another character.

What do I think of Skill Tomes?

They are fine… If they can make skills more important in quests, say with some kind of skill challenge encounter (think about some of the random encounters in the kings forest or getting the collars of the slaves in FR) I think that they might be a fairly good seller. But I don’t think it will be a huge you are gimp unless you have +3 skill tomes in every skill kind of thing.

PS, there is a late entry for today’s topic to be about Cranes….. What I can I say? I am pro crane as long as they are pro me? Hell Idk, you can’t eat them or at least I don’t know if anyone that does. They take lots of marsh land (I think) and I live in Kansas other then Cheyenne Bottom which was not all that fair from where I grew up I don’t know of a natural marsh in Kansas and most of my life Cheyenne Bottom was dry…


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Druid/Skullsmasher, Skill Tomes and Cranes?

  1. I am finding skill tomes to be annoying. Except for the very few characters I have that are skill-based and also consistent in their lives from one TR to the next. Or alternately are not TRing at all.

    My hagglebot loved her skill tomes. My completionist considered them a total meh.

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