Needed: A Farmer for the Challenge Barter Gear

With all my arty work and other side projects coming up the levels, I have been turning to the House C Challenge gear for simplicity of grinding to equip. Think that line made sense…. My point is the House C gear is solid and I need more of it.

As you all know I am doing this Rogue life with the wife and she is using a few House C items as she is leveling meaning that we are doing some challenges along the way vs using our 20-25s to grind out mats. I have to tell you at level it is both MUCH EASIER to do the challenges and you get a lot more mats per run. So I am thinking about making a House C Challenge runner.

That procs the question; “What does one want in a Challenge runner?”

First thought that springs to my mind is Dim Door. Fast travel is key in a lot of the challenges.

Next is max level 15… This is the butter zone for the challenges. You are at the lowest possible level for the higher runs like Time is Money and Short Cuts and at the middle or the top of all the other quests. Sure you still need an epic character for epic farming but for normal farming this is your min/max level for no penalties.

The last thing I think one needs is the ability to deal out constant damage and by that I mean there are short quests 5 mins, long quests 20min and variable mins quests not to forget to mention all the quests can be extended if you wanted/needed with help from the DDo Store. To me that means a melee for long lasting dps. But at the same time you need access to burst dps for random mini-bosses or optional fights. Big burst damage means caster…. Grumble…

Guess before I start outlining ideas for a possible build I should also bring up a now brainer self healing…

So my very first thought was a heavy melee warchanter bard; mass buffs, full UMD for things not on the list, DD, and stainable dps… But not a lot in the way of speed other then haste and DD and the dps doesn’t have a huge burst option.

Talking to Tobril he said a savant sorc of some kind? That is where I jumped to somekind of Tukaw like build. Not unlike 12/2/1 sorc/monk/fighter… Fair constant dps + good burst dps, a small speed boost + DD and haste options, enough levels in sorc for recon healing the only real weakness I see is no good way to heal kobolds but that is what a hire is for right?

So before I go nuts and roll up and gear a tokaw sorc that will most likely never hit 20, what do you do to farm challenge mats?


2 thoughts on “Needed: A Farmer for the Challenge Barter Gear

  1. I find some challenges to be far easier and worthwhile to trade mats for, rather than run for them directly.

    D-Door is definitely a must have.

    I’ve mainly run a warforged wizard and a human bard, both leveling and epic, and I feel that the bard is better for the challenges. They have a bit of everything and are more versatile in that respect. D-door, haste, some melee ability, self healing and other healing, crowd control songs.

    The blasting chime is very useful as well, as it gives fort bypass against constructs, and increases sonic damage. The light mournlode armor gives fort bypass against undead too, so you can build around crits with power attack, improved critical and a seeker item like the ring of the stalker.

    Just an idea. I think a sorc would probably work just as good, especially with the splashes.

    Talking about 15 being ideal, if you use the new bladeforged iconic, you could do use the paladin boost to saves, since evasion without the reflex to back it up can be pretty lame.

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