Reflections, Juggernaut

I got to do watch the new Star Trek movie, eat really poorly for my health (but super tasty – Wendys) and gather the xp needed to hit 20 on Javabot last night. Over all it was a bang up night.

So now is as good as any time to talk about the build…. It is fine. Yep that is kinda how I feel about it at the moment, it is fine….

Not normally what I want in a build but I see why so many people are excited about playing a Jug, it is the embodiment of something I try to have in all my builds, flexibility.

That is the build in a word, flexible, and that is a great thing to have in a build in the world of min/maxing a role. But I haven’t fallen in love with it yet. But I do think it is super strong. I think had I not just tweaked my arty build to do a lot of the same things with out giving up some key things like the arty capstone and insightful damage I would be a lot more excited.

That said it is an amazing build if you think of it as a melee (like a fighter or a ranger) that can do other stuff. Maybe the next level of bard is more of where the Jug build should sit?

So lets look at things now, pre level 20. I got the xp but it was late and I didn’t want to make a mistake leveling because I was tired.

Gear is kind all over, I am using a Terror because pre epic gear it is that or the Fire Greataxe which I didn’t take the time to dig out pre stone, or the pos/pos greatsword from my FvS life. What else??? I am rocking the lvl 4 bracers of air still for the blur effect I will swap to the claw set at 20 so why bother with finding something else? Speaking of the claw set I am currently using the titan’s gloves (unlocked) for the boost to the spell casting and the regen-repair effect. What else is important???? I am using the barb tod ring set for a little more damage even though my right is slotted for holy burst for my druid life.

I find it funny/disheartening that I was so focused on gear for live as a druid that I completely gave up in staying gear neutral so build changes are not super disruptive.

So lets look real fast how I might tweak the build to have a little more Samius flare…

1, I Have decided to swap out Mithral body for Shuriken Expertise, mostly just for fun.
2, Build a kick ass Shuriken again mostly for fun. ☺

3, Get the shard for a Souleater. I don’t think I will play centered all the time but I want it as an option.

4, Find some kind of DPS two-handed weapon for long-term use. Antique one of the normal standouts. The Great Axe of the Chained Solder is a solid option also; it has a red and orange slot and could be a good/reconstruct/dps weapon with out the epic grind (think I have one even).

5, Make peace with moving on the druid, I think I can be just as happy with the Jug build as I was playing the Druid, maybe more so as the Jug as some strengths over my Druid build. But right now I have a feeling of rushing to move on and that is causing me to regret moving on even thought is was clearly the right call to knock out another life and be that much closer to completionist.

Well I am already way long and I will just keep getting interrupted if I try to keep going. Better to break things off now.


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