Surprise, Your Dead!

Ever wonder how the DM would sound while we are playing DDo?

I do. And most of the time I think he would be whiny that I am just bypassing his whole adventure. In my head my DM is always a guy, most of the time that stereotypical nerd man/boy with the broken glasses that has never touched a boob.

Anyway, he is always falling back to cheese dick moves to try and slow me down.

Ha, the door is magically warded to be locked unless you defeat everyone in this room.
The whole dungeon is mentally tied together to know your location, or is warded to slow you down once so many guards are alerted that you are around and about.

But the worse is when he sticks a party wipe trap for no real reason other then to kill your ass.

By the way I was running Foundation of Discord last night when I realized that my mental DDo Dm is kinda a dick.

Oh if you don’t know Giant Hold quest I might have some spoilers for you.

So in Foundation, aka the one surrounded by heads, buff including Invis for last and take off down the hall, jump down, shoot down the other hall, time the door to gather the least amount of agro, pull trash into my layered AOE spells/Sword range jump around that one corner up against the wall as to avoid the traps as much as possible…..

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! Giggle, roll damage you take 130 points of sonic 4 times? Surprise your dead again! It is just not your night for this quest. This is the third time I got you with these traps.

See, he is a dick. Release and try again….

Turns out the fourth time was the charm and the traps weren’t there, looks like I finally won the die roll. Once I wasn’t in danger of random death to traps I was able to quickly complete the quest and finished the rest of the loop easily enough.

I will just say that my DM was in a spite full mood as he got me a few more times last night. Once in Blockade Busterwhen a captain hits me with a Disintegrate with his first action. Where I naturally roll and 1 and die. Again in Undermine, which I will blame on lag mostly. I did put myself in a spot where a lag spike was going to kill me, but I thought Ice Storm, Body of the Sun and a BIG Regen would be good enough. Guess not. Unlagged once I was a stone, nice timing on that one. Then, Tobril jumps to 18 via stone and we do Lords of Dust where I die again to massive amounts of traps. OVER AND OVER. Tobril offers to come back for me as he is off soloing the quest I am just losing everyone xps but I can reach the shrine before the traps and I figure, either he will beat the quest and I can just release or I will make it past and fourth or fifth try I made it.

In my head the DM was crying he was giggling so hard until he said, sure you made it, why not?????

It is nights like last night that make up for the nights where all he does is pout about me bypassing everything and all I can say is what goes around comes around.

What is your DDo Dm like?


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