Radio Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, it was a fairly busy week plus I was ill one day so that just meant that I had one less day at work to get things done. But in addition to that I am just not having super amounts of fun right now.

My higher-level guys are not xping fast enough for me to want to be working on them all the time. My low level guys are grinding away mostly solo as Tobril leap frogs past me over and over again as people motivated to the TR grind are wanted to do. The wife is only interested in playing on the weekend when there is more then just Tobril and I playing (maybe not even together). Although last night she and I where talking and she sounded like she was for trying to play her namesake char again who is currently a pure 20ish druid. So maybe she and I will rock some easy epics again and maybe that will light a fire under my ass.

I think the real killer is I am just unhappy with how my mains, Samius and Javabot are playing. Like most wizards Samius audibled into a force arch mage to rock the double rainbow. And that was fun for a while but between the changes to the procs and just spamming different magic/chain missile spells depending on cooldown over and over again I am just tired.

Java’s dps is way lower then I remembered from the life before and I am not sure what to do about it, although I just got him back to 25 so maybe switching weapons will do the trick. If not…. I might need to find another build.

And I guess that takes me to the last thing, my spare brainpower is now thinking about magic decks and not ddo builds.

How can I shake myself out of this grand tilt? I want to look at the Eldritch Knight, it could be just the thing. If I can find away back to the melee/caster hybrid that Samius was originally it could be just the shot in the arm I need.

All that said I still enjoy playing, I just seem to find myself watching more MtG videos or playing more MtG then going and logging on to ddo…

Hell maybe I need to pug some more, that will get the blood flowing.


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