It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Hi guys, I know it has been awhile but work has been killer with our LDAP/php upgrade/mysql upgrade/server move. Wow that was most likely a lot of stuff I could have just called work junk and everyone would have been just as happy. Well at least the health care exchanges are not my problem… ☺

Even so I have gotten a few hours to play ddo and I want to talk a little about it. First Tobril and I rocked things to 8 last week. And then I had things to do and he jumped up (as planed) and rocked it to 20 with out me (again as planed). Then proceeded to cry that he couldn’t TR again right away. But got to TR again on Monday and I think he is moving a little slower with out me, but not a lot slower.

Basically that means that McGoggles needs to really push this week to try and hit level 16 or so about the time he stones up so to piggy back on mostly his work.

Lets talk just a little about McGoggles. Right now he is level 15 (13 druid/2 ranger) and while the dps is a little lower then I was thinking it would be it is still in solo GH range. Although I will say I have gone a little more caster then melee dps in boss fights in GH. Gear wise he is still fairly light, I found a level 14 rapier that Samius used a ton for trs and normal play back in the day and passed it over to him. The flame blades are fine for most things but as I misread the fire elemental perks thought it was up 3 down 3 for spell level. Turns out it is up 1 down 3. So I am using that rapier and my old caster melee weapon. Think I will upgrade that Threnal war blade to become my off hand caster weapon at some point, I need to see what augments I have sitting around in my bank /AH for my level.

Over all I am mostly a melee caster although I am just a feat away from manyshot and Weapons of Purity is online next level I think so some sweet manyshot action is about to happen.

Just in case you missed it:


Okay I need to get to work,


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