I Love it when a Plan Comes Together

Queue the Hannibal Smith Gif!
I love it when a plan comes together!

Oh ya ya baby!

Okay no more cheesy Tv quotes, but for you that missed that last one it was from Glenn Geist on Swamp People.

So… What master plan has just started to come together? Well Mc Plunderer build is doing all the things I had hoped. Well that it should be able to do on paper anyway. It would be nice to be able to assassinate with a bow or some other ranged weapon. But being able to two for one when dual wielding is a nice trade off I guess.

But level 16 just happened for me last night and with it manyshot. You know what an extra 9d6 looks like added on to a manyshot burst? Dead things, lots and lots of dead things for as far as your draw distance will allow you to see.

And that is not using any real special bow and old Turmoil Within and some random loot gen one. I wonder if I could see about talking people that can into some non-epic house C farming for a lvl 16 Earth Bow or if I should wait until I am a little higher with the intent of making an epic version?

All I know is having the option to also be the ranged with all these Juggs and other manyshot builds running around is real nice. And being able to go Slayer Arrows at 20 with a whole lot more sneak attack dice will be amazing dips… as long as I don’t have the agro.

I already am starting to see 2 or 3 more fringe rogue builds in my head, okay maybe less fringe and more shoring up my weaknesses like the lower Hp and the terrible WILL saves.

Overall, I can really see this guy making it into my main list. Well if he stays at or near the same level of fun when playing anyway.

Who knew I loved stabbing people in the guts?


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