DDo Lite Weekend for Me

This weekend was a little different one for me. I didn’t have super raging migraines (just the normal live with it ones ☺ ) and I wasn’t in any huge rush to do any thing really, I was just in chill mode and went with the flow.

But that somehow got me in trouble.

If you remember, a few weekends back a group of us did a TR push using a xp stone from the Otto’s box and rocketed from 1 to 20 in a weekend. Totally could have been in a day had people not needed to eat or sleep.

Anyway so those chars have been on the train back to 25. I am half dragging my feet as I am not totally in love with the Jug build but it is coming along. It is fine I am just not anymore excited to play it then any other melee build. And defiantly not more then say my rogue build…

Boy I am on a sidetrack roll this morning… SO everyone else besides the wife and myself has finished capping their stoned alts, we have taken our playtime the last few weeks and have been working on our little peoples. Meaning when I get on Saturday morning and people say they want to Web I say I will have to switch or flag real fast. Last weekend we got the drow city (Sssitewoqsdnflajf;fuckmylifeaskdan) chain cleared so all we needed was the 3 web quests. I called for the wife who was still in bed, to see if she was ready to get up… no answer. So when the team said lets just flag real fast I said sure.

We were on the last quest and almost done when the wife got out of bed. Told her a web was about 15 mins out and she was none to happy that I flagged with out her…


Last I checked she was less then pleased with how her tank was playing, but then she reminded me that she had decided to get to cocoon before making a build decision. Well I point out that we can flag her this week or maybe even in a little while if she wants to web with someone else…. But the damage was done and I was an asshole the rest of the weekend.

After that web I really don’t know what else we did. Some GH flagging happened but I was trying to fall asleep in Madstone, it was like a light switch I was awake and then I wasn’t any more. When we finished I went to take a nap and the group pushed on knocking out a Tor and a FoT raid.

Then Sunday we had a little birthday cookout for a niece turning five. And then when we got home we decided to watch the Hobbit and that spilled over into watching the new Game of Thrones eps. All I got to do on Sunday was talk Grim into a few FR challenges in hopes I might be able to get a simi-good throwing star and really annoy Tobril with my starfoo.

I need to run.


4 thoughts on “DDo Lite Weekend for Me

  1. was a ddo lite w/e for me too. after a little mishap in FoT on Sat night I didn’t feel like playing much on Sunday, missed Samuis time 😦

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