School is out and do I Have a Summer Job for you: MY Personal Plat Farmer!

I know buying plat, gear or grinding xp from strangers with real world money is wrong… but what if I make my son do it? And I just happen to give him an allowance this summer with incentives based on how much plat/gear/xp he earns me? What if I “trade” him a longer curfew this summer? You know things that don’t have real world value for my DDo desires?

Well I guess it doesn’t matter I have a short list of DDo chores he is going to be doing for me anyway if we come to some like of plat/xp/gear arrangement I guess that is between him and me… And I guess you lucky readers and the wife…

But lets say you had a little person that you could farm out some tasks for you what would they be?

Here is my list:

  • Move all epic mats to my epic mat alt and check/update the epic mat spreadsheet.
  • Sort the stored gear, Guild slotted items on alt X, items with the new augment slots on Y, Icy rit low level items on Z and so on.
  • Sort the collectibles and bound/unbound mats. Example Samius is the master crafter and gets all the Cannith mats and collectibles moved to him. All those bags should be emptied (as much as possible) fairly often and those items given to Sam.
  • Put the haggle and decon guys to work and clear that old janky doomsday gear. I was looking for some mid level items for my rogue. I found 5 banishing rapiers of different pluses and trailing powers, why? Because they were money! Just think about all the old stat items I have horded away? I don’t need any of those items any more. Hey RR +4s at level 7 were sexy, oh and lvl 11 +6s…. Now that is all janky.
  • I do have items to be ground out. I still don’t have a 3BC or sub-terrain rune arm.
  • Guild renown and Plat to be mindlessly ground, it doesn’t take a ton of skill to do the IQ solo quest until ransacked on ever character flagged for it.

Wonder if I get the boy rocking some of these things for me, how long until he tries to farm these jobs out to one of his friends…


3 thoughts on “School is out and do I Have a Summer Job for you: MY Personal Plat Farmer!

  1. I’d be terrified my son would get mad at me one day and sell/give away everything I have, or worse delete my toons.

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