Side Project, Darth Samius is ON!

Something I have been thinking about for a long time is how to make an anti Samius for my Darth Samius build as well as something I can do in my spare time while waiting for Tobril’s Real life to settle so we can xp things together for a spell.

And then yesterday I saw Ambitious’ blog post How to Ungimp Yourself, watching his video I became inspired to make a full on huge hitter dps build. I have a few guys that hit simi hard. But normally I am more about consistently then the one big swing, unless I am on a caster then that is a different story. So I don’t really have a huge hitter on that level.

So lets change that. To do so I will need your help. With build ideas and tweaks to the one I come up with.

The base, I have an level 13 – xp for 14 first life barb that I will cap out in my spare time while Tobril’s work keeps him from our planed TR time. I swear things were easier with Fopo, he didn’t have a real life that got in the way of my game time 3-4 days a week. Even though he is married with two kids. Hope his ddo break is almost over.

A Barb past life will be a boon to any alt and a name change will set him right up.

Other then that I have nothing set in stone. No build ideas or a real list of must haves although after playing with the barb as is; not WF might make the list. I have little to no gear yet for this guy. But I will flag for shroud and gather a few sets of shards for GS crafting post TR. Unless you guys shoot me an item that I could use this go around then I will get what mileage out of it that I can.

Anyway it is a short one. Seen in your heavy hitter builds and let me see if I can get those huge numbers.

One thought on “Side Project, Darth Samius is ON!

  1. Hello!

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. Not many people take the time to do this, so it is most certainly appreciated.

    Even though my toon Ambitious is a full spec DPS toon, it is very versatile. I am fully capable of doing traps on Epic Elite (without swapping gear even!) and can fail-free scrollheal myself.

    It doesn’t really matter which classes you choose to take. In the end, it all comes down to 30% Skill and 70% gear.

    If you can, go Half-Orc. This is an enormous boost to your dps. And split in either bard for songs and UMD or rogue for UMD, evasion and trapper skills.
    UMD is a must, because under no circumstances, you want to be dependend on other peoples’ heals!

    If it is of any interest to you: I am using Half-Orc, 12 Fighter/7 Rogue/1 Monk.

    The Monk is not really a good choice, because many mobs cast Chaoshammer, which has a huge impact on all lawful toons. But i have so many handwraps, that I didn’t want to remove the level of Monk.

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