IP, The Big Hits Project

This weekend I really worked on leveling up Darth Samius. I went from 13 to 18 and I learned a lot of things.

1, WF suck right now. Like a lot. Immunities are a joke as “magical” stuff still gets you, so um everything. Healing is a joke as they changed the WF friend line to make the later part of the line work better but makes you spend 3or4 points to get to the same pre change 1 point effectiveness. Meaning that the main healing my WF had (a lesser vamp sword from attack on stormreach) heals for 0 per hit….. I went ahead and made a vamp only greataxe and it only heals in small bursts for 1-2 even though it shows 1-3 on every hit.

2, I really dislike relying on others for HP care, even hirelings. See the last half of the above paragraph. Trying to be at least ½ under my own healing I downed more then 200 repair pots in the first 5 quests on Friday. Then I said F it and started to use a few pocket hires. Even so I still drank another 200+ pots over the weekend, very pricy….

3, Maiming is not as bad on a high crit range weapon as one might think. I happened to have a Maiming Clever sitting in my backpack. I remember buying it off the AH thinking it was a clean Bloody Cleaver for next to nothing. Then once I saw it in the mail I realized that it wasn’t want I thought it was so it sat taking up space. Then I started working the IQ last night I remembered the human bane part of the cleaver and thought why not try it??? By far the best numbers of the weekend where happening.

I have broken 400 before but that is around my best personal best. I mostly build for high normal numbers and consistently. Java for example does between 88 and 92 points every hit, but only crits for 150 or so. This barb so far is all over the map, hitting from anywhere between 30-100 on normal swings. Lots of that is how raged up I am and what weapon I am using. Remembering to down a rage pot every 90 secs can be a challenge. And using the right weapon for the mob is key. I saw a lot of 430+ crits vs mobs with some kind of DR making my numbers yellow; who knows if I would have hit harder earlier if I had the right DR breaker in my hand at the time….

4, Might need to find a few mad greataxes and I need to look in to heavy picks (if I want to dual weld.. @Tobril keeps telling me that THF is the best for big numbers right now when working in EDs. But as I plan to TR into something else once I hit 20 and fight my way back up before getting into EDs on this guy for sure. I wonder if I would be better for heroic levels to dual weld and then do some switching around for EDs when I get there……

And there are always khopeshs and axes… Need to do more DPS reading to find the right weapon type for me.

Anyway <3s

One thought on “IP, The Big Hits Project

  1. I too am pissed off from the change in Warforged healing. I used to be “acceptable” for clerics, now I’m “the guy who did not buy healer’s friend. And i did buy it! (I have little equipment to help me, and nowadays hard/elite are harsh after the spell damage change)
    At least i can now do better dps from the extra enhancement points being redirected, but i recon i preffered doing lame damage and better healing.
    Also, Insanity got nerfed. With Deadly it used to be a 4d10 weapon. Now? Barely a 3d10… no damage bonuses…

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