Project Big Hits, p1

So after much thought I am leaning towards fighter base at least 12 most likely 18 levels for Darth Samius. I think most of you know I like options and what melee class has more options open to it then fighter? There is an argument that could be made for monk, but lets sit them aside for now.

Fighter over barb:

Not rage dependent. – Rage is the bread and butter of the barb class. Pure number breakdowns are putting fighters about 10-16 points behind barbs per swing assuming everything is equal. But I have been reading lots of people pointing out that the math guys are forgetting the openings on the fighter feats allowing for (g) weapon specialization feat line, and Kensei pluses and room for the other great combat feats. So the numbers might be smaller. Where barbs pull back out a head is that Frenzy/Great Frenzy combo for another fireball (6d6) on top of the few point lead that fighters pushed to catch up on….

Flexible – As I kind of said above all the extra bonus feats allow me to pick and choose more combat feats to add to my arsenal. I could for example go slashing weapons and make use of both the two weapons and two handed fighting styles. Or trick out with other combat feats like Imp Sunder and Stunning blow all awhile-keeping toughness feat as well as others. 10 bonus feats are nothing to laugh at.

Easier to selfheal. – This is a huge part of why I am leaning this way and goes along with reason one; Not being raged based means that if I need to use a scroll or wand mid combat I don’t have to worry about unraging to do so.

Easy Fighter Haste boost – I know I could grind a million twist points and twist in a haste boost or I could just be the class that gets them and not have to worry about that. I am not sure I could work in the full line for 10 Ap but I might find away. You never know.

If I lived in a world where I could trust someone else to heal me 100% I think I would go 18/2 barb/fighter but as is the 18/2 fighter/x just seems a better fit.

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