Honest Magic Update

I am about to be super honest with you all. I am not the most comfortable with this so be gentle.

The core of my standard deck is the following:

4 Mystic
4 Kiora’s Follower
1 Caryatid/rattlesnake (think i like Caryatid more)
2 Courser
4 Yisan
1 Reclamation Sage
1 Hornet Nest
1 Nylea
1 Nylea’s Disciple
2 Polukranos
4 Prophet of Kruphix
1 Arbor Colossus
(currently in 1 Keranos)
1 Hornet Queen
1 Soul of New Phyrexia

1 Bow of Nylea
2 Cords

Various lands

Cards that our out are:
1 Burring Tree
1 Scavenging Ooze
1 Izzet Staticaster
1 Prime Speaker

So my issues post rotation are with the lost of Shock lands and losing those 4 key cards can i fix my tool box for the new standard?

So here are my thoughts for you to destroy or offer your advice.

1, The mana will be the key to new standard.
2, There are 3 or 4 stupid fast decks in the format that we can expect to crush the field, we can’t loose to fast agro…
3, Sagu Mauler is the finisher we want.

Okay so lets look at the options.

Stay Red splash.

I think that red is the strongest against fighting against the agro decks. Circle of Flame is a beating but that is a sideboard card at best right? And who is going to argue with Savage Knuckleblade? Guy is a house.

But are there enough depth for us?

The first gut feeling go Black.

Black gives us sudo card advantage with Hythonia the Cruel and Pharika. Creature wraths are super powerful. And turning dead cards in to sudo removal spells is just good. Black also gives us a great 1 drop in Cruel Sadist and another amazing card advantage in Soul of Innistrad.

But then there is the White option.

Herald of Anafenza in the other killer 1 drop in the format. And it just compounds with what my deck wants to do. How many times can i use it a turn? How is Dauntless River Marshal or Fleecemane Lion as our 2 drop. And Soul of Theros is another house when it comes to a surprise Alpha.

So thoughts? Help? For the first time in a while i am not sure what to do.

Side Project, Darth Samius is ON!

Something I have been thinking about for a long time is how to make an anti Samius for my Darth Samius build as well as something I can do in my spare time while waiting for Tobril’s Real life to settle so we can xp things together for a spell.

And then yesterday I saw Ambitious’ blog post How to Ungimp Yourself, watching his video I became inspired to make a full on huge hitter dps build. I have a few guys that hit simi hard. But normally I am more about consistently then the one big swing, unless I am on a caster then that is a different story. So I don’t really have a huge hitter on that level.

So lets change that. To do so I will need your help. With build ideas and tweaks to the one I come up with.

The base, I have an level 13 – xp for 14 first life barb that I will cap out in my spare time while Tobril’s work keeps him from our planed TR time. I swear things were easier with Fopo, he didn’t have a real life that got in the way of my game time 3-4 days a week. Even though he is married with two kids. Hope his ddo break is almost over.

A Barb past life will be a boon to any alt and a name change will set him right up.

Other then that I have nothing set in stone. No build ideas or a real list of must haves although after playing with the barb as is; not WF might make the list. I have little to no gear yet for this guy. But I will flag for shroud and gather a few sets of shards for GS crafting post TR. Unless you guys shoot me an item that I could use this go around then I will get what mileage out of it that I can.

Anyway it is a short one. Seen in your heavy hitter builds and let me see if I can get those huge numbers.