Need More TR Cache?

I am not sure how this thought got started in my head but now it has wiggled around a bit and I need to get it out. I know dear readers, I am both sorry for what is about to happen below and you are welcome….

What if you could take your old raid gear (or any bound to character on equip item really but for this though process I am looking at raid gear) and via some ritual convert them in to some kind of “smaller” version of the item so they could be collected in a bag/chest/container to save room. And then if you need said item again you could enlarge it again via a ritual most likely converting said item to a current version of said item.

Now we would need to add a way to monetize this system as well as keeping a free in game option, say via some kind of turn in or rare item drop to shrink and another to reconstruct that could be sold in the store or bought sold via shards like a purple dopant…  Or we could easily buy shrink/enlarge mats and they start us off with a small container say one that holds 5 and then sell larger containers or container upgrades via the store like cannith grafting.

In my mind I see this Bag as more of a “trophy case”.

Running with the thought that this is a “trophy” case, we could have this do some cool things. First add a guild trophy case that more or less gathers a list of all the characters in the guilds items in their case and then show the totals.  Like if I have a chattering ring and a circle of hatred in my case and Tobril had a circle of hatred and a Tharn’s goggles in his our guild list would be like 2 circle of hatred (mouse over for owners) 1 chattering ring, 1 Tharn’s goggles.

At the same time this might also be a good place/time to do some exporting for public viewing, like how we have the guild APIs but better.

The main perk however, would be helping free up inventory with out having to add more pack or bank space. Think about it. How much old raid gear do you leave in your TR cache? Me I have caster gear that gathers dust on melee lives and melee gear during caster lives.

Many talks with Glinn about inventory space, I think I understand that is it a big deal to add more space in banks or packs. Due to the nature of the beast that is the character file in the backend. But a system like this would be amazing and as I understand “bags” are a lot easier.

OR on the flip side… they could just make a chest that any item/s can go into with no rituals and be super cool.


One thought on “Need More TR Cache?

  1. I want a chest of holding. And a hireling porter to carry it, like in Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It doesn’t have to be filled with Munchkin weapons although I wouldn’t mind.

    Who couldn’t make good use out of a Named chainsaw?

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