Product Ideas and Other Quick Thoughts.

So this is continued from Friday. Any references are directed at last week but the thought train was on track and I don’t want to derail it too much.

So work has had me on the ropes all week keeping my brain busy all day, even my DDo time has been effected to some degree. Think it was Wednesday night all I did was hunt explorers in the Kings Forest while my mind wondered about work stuff. But it is Friday and I finished one of the projects that has been on my plate/mind and I missed a day so I need to do a double post today to make up for it. So here are some random ideas for things I would either like to have or sell the idea to someone else to make….

Giant size construction blocks and hanging wallboards… The other day my wife and I were talking about needing to add some more storage options to different rooms and my brain started down this path of wouldn’t it rock if you could buy huge Lego like blocks that you could use to make your own custom shelves? And what if there was a board you could hang on the wall so you could build out into the room?  Think about it. It would be the ultimate in custom shelving. Say you have a 34 inch Tv and you have a rocking entertainment center but it can only fit a 36” tv. So if you want to go up in size you also have to buy a new entertainment center.  But what if you could just dismantle your system and build the perfect unit for your needs. When I was first starting out I used milk crates and 2x4s. Sure I could use normal sized legos for my shelves but how much will that cost? Nope make me some foot to two foot blocks. Add some flat panel blocks and I could replace all my furnisher in my house with legos.

Personal aquponic tray, basically this would be a tray with a bell syphon and a pump that would sit on top of say a 10-gallon tank. Ideally it would be raised up a little so one could still get to the fish but it would hold the light and maybe not totally replace the filter but in an ideal world it would. In this tray you could rock a simple flood and drain system for lettuces and herbs.  I would also love to build smaller complete systems that would hold just a few plants and just a few fish. Like you would put in a kids room, maybe set up with a divider for a couple of betas….

A battery charger that you can attach to any bike and use a friction wheel riding on the tire to charge the batteries. This way you could use a street bike or a stationary bike they all have wheels, right?

While I am talking about things that are more fun then helpful why isn’t there a gym that is more or less an adult sized jungle gym? I remember a few years back my family was hanging at a McDonalds in some little town waiting for someone for some reason. This little McDs had a play place and it didn’t have a size limit. So when my son and niece asked me to come play I did and it was great.  Sure I can find a gym with a climbing wall but I can’t chase my son (or now little niece as Remmis is now 13 and doesn’t play anymore) in a nice protected area with ball pits and whatnots.

That is where I left off last week almost done.  Just needed a closing…. But I don’t have one today either…  Would you buy my stuff?


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