Want to be a Better Player?

This is the single best thing you can do to improve your DDo play skillz. DEVELOP WASD skills.

DDo has a fairly amazing combat system, by far the most interactive of any game I have ever played online. And might rival more then a few offline console games.

Build matters a lot less then your ability to not be where the damage is when it comes staying alive and the best players I have ever seen almost never stop watching their positioning. They are always staying ahead of the where the damage is while keeping a high DPS level.

This was very apparent to me last night when the wife and I were rocking Vale quests on our TRs mainly in Running with the Devils and not taking massive amounts of light damage. 150 points a ray btw… or as I like to call them lazer death rayz!

Not that there weren’t any deaths, (although we cleared to and through the tunnels really well and thought we were in amazing shape until the first chest area) with just the 2 of us and our healers, because there was a few deaths. But there were a lot fewer deaths (ie 0) when we could keep moving to manually dodge those damn Lazerz. When we had room to maneuver we were able to stay ahead of things, in places were the numbers were overwhelming and we had less room to keep moving is where we choked.

So what I am saying is, if you are rocking a solid build and you are still struggling keep a eye out for those people that seem to excel and watch them move and I bet you will see them dancing around the screen with those WASD skills.


9 thoughts on “Want to be a Better Player?

  1. Until your brain shuts down and you decide that yes, your monk would actually do best sat in the middle of that horde of drow… it did not end well :-/

  2. Before they even let you download DDO you should have to pass a WSAD test to see if your up to it. I once watched a ranger circle a boss, damn near perfect circle and kept his bow pointed directly at him the whole time. Thats some finger dancing. It like when hirelings stand in lava and say “perhaps it would be prudent to heal me”. FFS hireling, move out of the lava, or out of the blade trap.

  3. I have the buttoneering skills of a aged yak with severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

    On second thought, I am not being fair to the yak. It would probably beat me seven games out if ten in HALO death match.

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