Picture Time – Apr 23

I keep saying one of these days I will post some of my in game screen shots and/or send in an entry to the SS of the week contest. I have 56 tp right now so i could use the points. But i am super lazy so odds are I will just post them here…


Doing the one under water quest, some times the water breaks and you can get clear pictures. When it happened to me i didn’t want to leave the zone it was sooooo smexy.


Here is another one…. Fully operational battle ball!


Think this was early in Samiusbot’s Arty life. Think i want to call this “Fuck you i am alive!” I did live by the way. And it was amazing!


Did you know you can stand on the crystals in Madstone? Cause you can dance on them if you can land on them…


Ever been a water ele in Caught in the Web? You get this amazing prism effect on some of the web ramps because of the lighting…


So the other day we were Reclaiming the Rift and it bugged out on us. I took a few pictures while we waited for a DM to show up and say he couldn’t help.

Fire ele, Javabot found a nice warm pool of lava to “chill” while he waited…


Who has a massive pink ball?


Dude i think your ball is smoking….


One more for today….

Happy Earth Day?


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