Gurobo Farm Update Apr 22

In light of today being Earth Day I think I will do another Gurobo farm update with some pictures and what not. But first I want to add a little something to my wish/Bday want list, a sos solar oven.

A few months back I got all saving energy crazy. I tried to make my own solar food dehydrator which got a little out of my skill set at the time and dropped that project for now. But at the same time I got a little crazy for solar cooking. I made myself one of the cardboard/foil ones that I haven’t really tested out yet but I will try and use it one of these clear weekends.  But what I thing I need is this guy: SOS solar oven.

I have been watching lots of videos on cooking with solar and everyone seems to really love this guy. So lets all just send my wife some cash to get it for me. 🙂

Okay lets look at some pictures.

Tray 1 2 tomatoes, a bell peper, lettuce, mint and some other herb…

Want to say Tray one is looking good. But this tray seems to be going a little slower then tray 2.

Tray 2, lettuce and spinach

We added some romaine this weekend and you can see in the very top left one guy hanging out on his own flanked by a salad ready to go… I think i will try and go out and prep a some greens for salads with dinner this week.

Tray 3, cucumber, romaine and more herbs.

Here is the rest of the romaine we added this weekend along with my cucumbers that i started from seeds and a single plant i bought at the store this weekend as they are so little i am afraid mine from seeds are not going to make it..

Strawberries and Bee catchers!

Last year we bought these pre made hanging baskets of strawberries and i just kept eating them right off the basket. This year we decided to get even more but so far we have only found 2, but i have room for more. 🙂 Also we have added flowers. One of the issues with a green house can be the lack of bees. So in hopes of getting some of the little guys to pop in from time to time we added a few hanging baskets. This one is Red and yellow in honor of my ❤ for Iron man.


More flowers!


These guys round out my flower needs. I have added the frame of a covered swing that a wind storm we had at last week just destroyed. Lets me hang things in the middle of the Green house and lets the  wife reach them for watering. I also moved the tomatoes on the ground to sit under these so they will get some shade durning the heat of the day to help prevent sunburn.


Speaking of the vile evil things here are the other tomato plants, they are about 6-8  inches taller then when we planted them. So they are growing strong.

You know what is on the left or you should by now but the right is a watermelon.

This is my first watermelon. I am not 100% how it will do so it gets its own pot and a ton of vermiculite mixed into its soil to help keep it watered so we don’t end up over watering… I have big plans to make square melons. :0

Thinking Christmas already!

Something we never really thought about was growing a permeant inside Christmas tree. But we are going to try. It was the wife’s idea. And it happens that it will be all kinds of useful. This guy shouldn’t get much bigger then 4-5 foot tall. But i can use its pines for tea, it has editable pine nuts when larger and in a pinch i think you can even eat the bark… Why do we only have one?


We started training these guys to crawl the fence. Hope they do well. Lots of firsts this year.

And finally we also added a composting bin to the yard. I didn’t take a photo as it is more or less a box with holes in the bottom and side doors with a hinged top. Think everyone can use your imagination but i am going to make someone here at work very happy  as he bagges his grass clippings and i am going to go and steal them for my bin. 🙂 Going to call that win win.


Well for a post that is most images this has taken way to long and i have a pile of work to put off… I mean knock out.



3 thoughts on “Gurobo Farm Update Apr 22

  1. great pics 🙂 when you have stuff fully grown and ready to eat you could do a before and after blog, i.e. take a picture of the salad you just made etc.

    R xx

  2. Yopu are getting pretty good at this, and may have a green thumb. so when are you coming her eto set me up?

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