And Waiting….

As it happens it was Wednesday last night and Tobril was around to get his raids on, sounds sweet right? I mean who doesn’t want to raid with Tobril and myself? It is 630-645 and the current DG members form up, Tobril gets the star as he wants to raid, he gets to put the groups together.  I do some mild bank work waiting for things to happen.

In about 5-10 mins I have finished my upkeep work and check out the grouping, looks like we have 4 to 5 slots left to fill and I read a comic. Around 7 I hear the wife make a comment look up and we have lost a guy and gained another guy but over all the we are hovering around the same number of people…

I say something to Tobril, who starts a 5 min alarm and warns everyone that when it goes off we will move on or try a shortman. Time passes and when the alarm goes off we move on to a web run.

Web was fairly fast and was going very smooth until the unofficial leadership switch happened and some people did follow instructions and we had to fall back so people understood the new leadership plan.  Basically Tobril has enough Webs under his belt now to lead the first 3/4s of the raid. The end fight still has some hang-ups like safe spots and judging if a shrine is needed or not. But for the most part between the two of us we have it down.

But we got it done like always quickly and fairly well. The other healer was so surprised that we were going on hard he wondered if he had the pots for it. By the end he was letting us know that if we ever needed an Hjealer to look for him. Even then I think we could have tighten things up a lot. Had a few more people been watching their curses we would not have need a fall back and shrine and we would have won a eH  run on 1 shrine. That is good healing/CC/DPS/leadership… J

By the time we filled the web and ran it after it took its sweet time filling I was ready to log for the night. I just haven’t been playing as late as normal lately or starting as early either really. To much work to do during the week so I can screw off all weekend.

Oh real fast the last 2 webs I have run have had the phat loot drops. Just nothing I overly want… But in those runs I have seen 2 xbows, 2 bastard swords, 1 longbow, 1 handwraps, 1 axe and 1 other weapon and I for one have gotten coms each run.

Time to run, but I want you all to know, if you play on Sarlona about 6-630ish central time on Wednesdays the DG will be throwing up raids. We will teach people as needed so look for our lfms. Also on weekends we do things with the Brits, same deal but you have to look for us in the who panel or via the Defense channel there are no lfms for weekend runs normally.


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