Research Mode: Bring on the Weed

So the last couple of days I have stumbled on to another aquaponic system, Bato or Dutch Buckets. And as I do when I find something that might work well for me I hit research mode scrambling as hard as I can to learn everything about that thing. Some of you have seen the results of that research mode from me time and time again. In DDo that is different builds or gear setups and so on. In real life I have used this kind of information gathering on the health (peleo diet), biking (my trike), the green house and even my aquaponic systems which jumped started this conversation, one sided as it might be.

So Goggling around reading forums, watching videos and checking out various build/use results; all while doing my normal job and or doing DDo screwing off…

Like I said the last few days has been about these Bato/Dutch boxes and as I do I follow the information even though I think I have a solid grasp on the teck. And out of no were I realize that more then half of the materials I am reading or watching is for people to grow the wacky tobacky…

Not again.

I have to be on some kind of list by now. Every time I get in to growing almost anything I end up some how I end up learning from people that are using these skills for illegal uses.

When I was learning about growing my own mushrooms I didn’t even have to get very deep into it before I realized that these people were so adamant about their systems because they are growing makic shrooms. More then half of the auaponic research was from people that wanted to grow weed. Building a green house? About a third.

Guess that makes some sense, who has more passion for these things then those kinds of growers/users?  I do find it funny that those are the people that are making videos and posting details/sharing their building methods. It would be like researching how to commit a B&E and seeing a video by/from thief’s while in progress, which has happened. Normally those are the people you hear about winning a Darwin award…

Well if you want to know what a Bato bucket is here is a good basic blue print and I will take pictures and show you how I am using it once I get the tank in place.

Bato bucket blueprints


Hope you enjoyed your bonus post.

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