The Night Before U17 Check List & I lose my Mind Again.

So If I remember right and there is nothing saying that I am, but if I am then right now u17 is being installed into my favorite pastime. And with it there were some simi-massive changes taking place that if you’re like me you need a little reminder to take care of them all.

First thing I did was run through the Lam release notes; the release notes are often the same between Lam and Live. Think that this update will be a lot different then the norm however.

The first stand out was old GH dragon armor will no longer have a decon recipe. So I hit the guys I had old GH dragon armors on and made sure I had already deconstructed them if I wasn’t going to use them.

Old Guild Slots are out. This one I have mixed feelings about. I liked the guild slots, sure there were some flaws but I think had they removed some of the restrictions on what can go where and let people replace the slots before the old timer was done I think that they would be really great. As is I am one of the very few people that bother to use guild slots. So for the last few weeks I have been hitting the AH and buying up any affordable large guild slotted common TR gear slots, ie boots and gloves for me. But I have been looking at just about any item type.

And lastly I took every alt that could run Deal with a Demon and ransacked that quick chest on Elite with the loot bonus and the +2 game boost just like just about everyone else. Having been working on TRs and the like I didn’t have a ton of people that could do so but I had 3 or 4 and I took and hour and emptied that chest on every one of them like I have been every week since I heard that it was leaving. Hell, news that this chest was going was why I started sacking it. I didn’t even know that it was there before that news and had to ask the Brits as to what chest was going. Yep I can be a noob also.

There was one other thing i had to remember to do before the new augments took effect, slot toughness in a epic items. Meaning i also had to fill any other epic slots on items that i didn’t want to update to the new versons of the epic slots. In hindsight i should have taken a few mins and looked at all of my epic items that i am currently using. Samius for example has a epic shield that i know i slotted -15% asf but i think there is also a red slot that i didn’t want to add a metal/alignment type to but the spell power might be handy…

I tweeted last night about what I called my senior moment. It was the ddo equivalent of misplacing my hat.


Have you seen my hat? I can’t find it any place I look….

I wanted to take the last few hours of the xp boost that I would be awake and rock some xp on Samiusbot and I did but not as much as I should have because I was looking for my level 11-12 rune arms, having just leveled to 12. Now I have an lvl 7 arty alt I rolled up back when Samius was about to do his arty life just to try and get a feel for the class, and this alt became my “arty bank”. Any rune arms and/or arty scrolls get filtered to this guy. So when I went to look for my missing rune arms I started with him. When they were missing I started running down the other guys that get some play but mostly are used as temp storage and nothing. And hour goes by as I just start hunting at the top of the alt log in list and run down the whole pile. Skipping Samiusbot of course because why would I be looking for rune arms for a guy who just leveled to the point where he could use them? About 9 pm I gave up and decided I would just struggle on with out those rune arms, I mean how bad can it be? So I run down the TR cache. And then as I am moving out dated gear from my pack to the bank I see them all sitting in a little pile. Low level rune arms and below them higher level rune arms. I was so pissed. Most of the night was gone because I am a fool.

Well this is long enough for today, see you in GH tonight!


2 thoughts on “The Night Before U17 Check List & I lose my Mind Again.

  1. The two most interesting additions amongst all the potential change: Blocking stops knockdown or knockback (the sword and boards, rejoice and slay those air elementals), and Magical Training feat is now available for any class. A Rogue or a Monk with limited but useful SP for magic buffs, or even a Fighter, without having to multiclass?

    Interesting, indeed. See you in beta…uh, I mean, the game. 🙂

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