Fumblebot, he is a Helper

I have had a few accounts for a while now, since before F2P. My main account and the boy’s/family account are the two oldest, but now I have access to Phlor’s account and another friend who gave me their account information not long ago. Having an alt account is not for everyone. But with F2P I would suggest giving it a try if only for the low price of 5$ you can have a lot more long-term storage space.

Anyway last night I was soloing along on Samiusbot doing Shadow crypt hard runs using Fumblebot as an opener. When a guildie logs on and starts chatting in guild chat about Fumbles. He thought that his name was spot on for a piker/opener. And it got me thinking; I really haven’t talked about my alt account guys a whole lot.

SteamPower, the first guy on my alt account to get to 20 and now 25. He is flagged for Web, Shroud, DQ and Von but not the Cannith raids or Tod. Will need to fix that soon as I think we (DG/HoDW) are about to run at least Tod a lot more and now I have a desire to run LoB and that will make Tobril happy. And if you have the slots, epic pikers that can do off buffs are welcome, and as an arty he is often very welcome.

Elad, this is one of those turn-over account guys. Elad is a drow ranger and is all over the map gear and set up wise. JP the accounts original owner had Elad at the cap back when the cap was 16 and simi well geared for back in the day but now is mostly junk geared. The wife took over the account capped him and flagged him for the raids that she wanted a piker around for her pulls. Mostly Devil Assault solo but she also brings him in DQ, Von and some other no flagging raids.

Fumblebot is a xp capped shadow crypt opener. He was built wrong however, but at the time he was what I needed. I was leveling up Darth Samius and I knew I could do most if not all of the flagging quests on a pure melee. But I wouldn’t be able to finish the fight in the capstone alone. So enter Fumbles a level 7 wizard to do the last fight. He is as gear out as I could make him at level 7 and as he jumped levels his gear upgraded a lot until he is were he is now. He runs the quest on elite and then recalls and drops group while the real alt runs threw the empty quest and finishes up. The Fumbles runs back to the boat and chills. I need to set him up to open bloody crypt and Thrall of the Necromancer for fast leveling, but for now he is mister shadow crypt and/or can do the flagging quests for those that can’t.

Rollin Thehay, is a bard/rog SS build that I plan to park around level 14/16 to help with orchard quests. Someone that can sing the elementals in fleshmakers would make soloing it easier again and I just don’t have someone that can fill most of the buffing slots at that level. But right now she is xp capped at level 10 as she is my Thrall of the Necro helper even if she currently can’t open.

What I need is to get an arty or a sorc/rog parked for Thrall, Stk and WW part3 runs those are quests that I like to use as farming points for some lives.

Well work is being a bear so I need to get moving. Do you have any piking accounts? If so what are the meant to do?


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