Looking over my epic bits spreadsheet I have realized that I have two “summoner” items ready to go, more or less, the Wolf Whistle and Roderi’cs Wand. To me this items scream “summoner” but we really don’t have a “summoner” in ddo, or do we?

At first when I realized that I had these items ready to go I thought to myself, “Got to get my Arty capped, ASAP!” The wand makes total sense as my Arty uses his dog, Robutt, in battle. Robutt, btw comes from the classic short story by Isaac Asimov “A Boy’s Best Friend” so no dirty jokes or reporting me for using “butt” in a name.

The Epic Thaarak hound would make a killer summon once the flame turret as more or less out lived its main usefulness.

But then last night I was working on Javabot, who made it to level 21 over the weekend, if you were wondering. And the first thing I did once stepping into some quest alone was summon Fin Fang Foom, the dryad and called my cat gold seal hire. Aka I summoned an army.

And I really don’t have room to fit in augment summoning into Java’s build but I could push it into Samiusbot’s build….

Unless the feat stacks with the granted feat from the wand, which I don’t think it does, giving Java the wand is just a better idea.

As for the wolf whistle, I think atm it is still best to remain on Samiusbot’s gear list. That poor bot doesn’t have an torc yet so he might even leave it on for the slots post 20 until an torc comes on line???

Anyway what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Summoners

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the Augment Summoning feat and the feat granted by Epic Roderic’s Wand do not stack.

    When you say “summoner”, what comes to my mind is stacking Druids past lives and then go Wizard PM, Magister for the Summoning line (asuming they work properly). Then you could focus on Summoning Skellies and Monsters. Or if you want to keep it druid then focus on the wolf, or arty with the robodog.

    Then again, I usally don’t know what I’m talking about ; )

  2. The feat and the wand do not stack as far as I know. In fact for Hound having either the feat or the wand used to be a requirement back then when EDs didn’t make this wonderful raid a 1 minute walk in the park 🙂

    And I support Blue’s opinion about stacking druid lives. Think the summoner idea fits the druid best especially if you will decide to stay in the Primal Avatar ED. Talking of which someone on the forums said that the Onyx Panther with Natural Shielding makes one very hard to kill summon. If you have an army of animals it sounds even more useful!

    Let us know how it goes. Good luck! 😉

  3. Shard of Xorat summons are fun!
    Also, I get a lot of mileage out of the Hellhound you can summon using (I forget the name but its a staff from Tngleroot)

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