Build thoughts for Anne, on the Quick

*Due to a massive snow storm that hit Kansas work closed early and i was scrambling most of the day and didn’t get this posted. I will be knocking out a proper post for today later but for now…

So I got to catch up on DDocast yesterday and on this weeks show Anne asked for build help for a soloing melee (assumed) clr/fighter/monk(?) build…. And while I should take a few more days to think things over wook is taking a snow day and I just need to put out a blog so instead of writeing about Epic GH like everyone else lets do some build talk! I think you can stay 12/7/1 Anne but you might still need a +1 heart…

First thought is if you’re doing a 1 lvl splash classes that are best are Arty, Fighter and barb. Monk is okay, but these other options are just better. Me I really love Arty for ranged feats and the +1 weapon buff. Hey +1 to hit and damage is amazing and having a lever opener that can die in traps all day long is nice that and she already has fighter levels.

Next is play style, Sword and Board is the nuts for soloing. Add in enough PRR and good self-healing and you may not be the uberest dps but you will get through almost anything. So Defender 1 for sure, taking about prestige classes we don’t want to forget Radiant Servant 2.

So I missed race, TR lives and gear specs so I am just going to be fugue on stats and whatnot and just give out lines for those things. But like many builds this one will be a big amp build meant to last in a fight not finish fast and heal when the fight is done. So Con is more important Str, Chr has double duty for Arcane buffs as well as healing and you will want enough Int for cross-classed UMD and balance, and you need just enough wisdom to cast a owls wisdom if you loose your Wisdom item.

As for a fully fleshed out build, there are just too many options for 20 mins build time to really look at in detail.

Well good luck Anne, hope you find something that works for you. Now if you want a 18/1/1 fighter/barb/arty build let me know and I can get you a few plans…

One thought on “Build thoughts for Anne, on the Quick

  1. Thanks! Yeah I want a melee cleric. I’m also gonna look at the new gear to see if it puts some shine on this old character.

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