2012 Resolution Review

I had a few loose goals on my list this year and I have to say I did okay this year, but unlike most years I posted them on online where I could easily review them and see how I did really. So if you missed it here is a link to my 2012 resolutions. How did I do? Lets see.

1, Take more time to play the “end game”.
At least in the last few weeks I think I have hit this on the head, well mostly with the brits. Yesterday, afternoon for me we did a few runs on EE on my dps project there were some deaths but we won. Heck the first run even we lost a man (our arcane) but still won out in the end. But even before we started playing with the brits I my tank got a lot of end game time, I powered up an while Samius is busy CC caster and got him working some epics and Butters is always ready for epics.

2, Wrap up Samius’s TRing.
Well for now I am done and I am just grinding out destiny stuff and enjoying the end game stuff. If I decide to do a few more lives I will first burn some +x hearts and get another FvS life if not work on getting 3 total. But MORE HP is where it is at, but Barb lives for for 20 more hp would suck. Although tring would be easier then ever now as the VoD we did this weekend offered up two Tharn’s Goggles. One for me, in my name or I wouldn’t have tried to get it over others that might use it a lot and one for Tobril’s tank. My wife passed it over to him, as that was why we bothered with the raid. I really was hunting for one during all those TR lives and now that I have more or less given up I get one. Oh loot gods; you’re all so funny.

3, More reading,
Think I did well on this one also and I will keep it on the list again this year but with a few tweaks but I will get in to that on Wednesday. But my reading habit shot up a lot compared to 2011. I would have to look at the lists to know for sure but I am up to date in IM for the first time in years. Even picking up a few other marvel books every week and I have been doing about a book a month for the last year. Some have even been educational. Not all but some.

4, New Look for Gencon.
This was two pronged. I wanted to shed a few pounds and grow out my hairs. I have to say for a while I looked as much as I could like my Samius pic as I could. Have to say it was not bad switching to peleo has been a good switch, although the last week I have been a cheating turd, but I am full on starting today again.

So over all I did fairly well. Think having this blog to keep me honest helps but most of my goals were easily met. Next years will need to be a little more extreme!


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