Fueling Glinn’s Car

One of the gifts I got Tobril for Christmas other then this rocking gift (Sorry for the turned view) was an Otto’s leveling box. And with him visiting this week/end we have the chance to power rock the xp in ways we rarely get to do. But Tobril is in this phase right not where he is once again lowing the number of Alts he is trying to maintain in hopes of reclaiming some of his time for real life post new year.

Why does that mean anything? You picked up a Otto’s while costly that is not crazy… Stay with me.

So Tobril has been planning a TR on his FvS, “It is a key role filler” or so he says and has been unhappy with his WF guy for a while. Mostly with the PRR and AC changes that happened a few updates back. But before TRing hid FvS he wants to hit his 20s in the important raids for some key raid loot shots.

Meaning 4 Abbot runs and 3 DQ runs for the both of us and if we are going to DQ the wife will tag along for shots at a torc on her druid (she got one btw). Oh and I might as well bring the piker along, oh and we picked up 2 or 5 people that were willing to pick up bypasses for both Abbots (guess the LFMs dried up some lately??) and 2 that tagged along on those DQs…

I don’t really want to know how much we all spent to make that all happen. Sure I could have switched alts for some of that but Tobril would not have been able to and Samius needs a litany baby!

Something i thought was funny, along the way Tobril looks at me and says, So remember when you said Bypasses would sell like hot cakes like 4 years ago? You were not wrong. And we all giggled.

Side note: I fracked up and bought a recorder at Walmart that I thought I had been looking at on Amazon. But I get it home and start to get things ready to pod and no easy way to move the mp3s off it, aka not the right one. Grrrr! Hope they are willing to return it for credit at least so I can get one that will work like I want it to. If not I don’t know if we will get any pods recorded. I would rather not have to record directly into a PC as I think chilling on the couch would make a better show…. We even tried to get a Hangout running on our phones but that didn’t quite work out either. I hope to figure something out soon…

Well work calls,


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