Jerry Spawned

Today i have a little more time to post i think so i am going to try and talk about something Jerry brought up a few days plus back. If you take out my (your) personal likes/dislikes what builds would really make the most of completionest, from the point of view of past lives and the completionest feat.

I dont think that is what he knew he was asking, but that is how i took his comment.

Just today i am just going to look at classes and not really mixes too much.

Artificer, I think this one class might be the single best class for a completionest. There really use every stat to some degree, the only real completionest perk that i can think of that an Arty doesn’t really use would be the spell pen. They might not need the bonus to combat DCs but everyone CAN try and trip sometimes.

Barb, This is a case of making the key needs of the barb sing just a little more. Bigger Str, more HP, bonuses to combat DCs if they go that way. But they leave a lot on the table. Although the completion feat could make using silver flame pots easier….

Bard, would be in my top 3 or 4 classes to take real advantge of the completionest feat. The less focus that you have the greater effect of running threw the lives.

Clr, would be my second best class for post completionest. The boosts really make a huge difference for those that want to stradle both caster and melee roles. And the best class after arty that can do this is Clr.

Druid, I think everyone needs to take the time to level a few druids. Or at least try playing with a “melee” and a “caster” verson. I think that a hybrid build is very do-able and the free perks from having a ton of lifes really help. Remember i played Samius’ Druid life as a hybrid model and i am super impressed, to the point that real soon Java is TRing into one.

FvS, One could make a hybrid model, but really the class doesn’t NEED a lot of help.

Fighter, see barb.

Monk, would be on the short list for post completionest love, again due to the long list of good that the free feats allow. But again there are a lot of the past life feats that are pointless. But the monk is one of the classes that really put the completionest stat bonuses to work in ways other then a skill point or a +1 str +1 con.

Pally, See monk but even more so. The extra stats are huge. Same with the skill bonus. Unlike the major melee classes they can put some of the caster past life feats to work. Not all but more then any “core” melee classs so far.

Ranger, see Pally and monk and put ranger in the middle of the two. Less then pally but more then the monk. The stat boost is not as helpful but alot of the past life free feats are helpful.

Rogue, This one is hard. At cap i think it is right with the other melees (again yes rogue is a melee class) but while leveling they make the completionest feat is very strong helping to get to watermarks sooner.

Sorc, See FvS but less people have melee as a sub focus so all the melee related perks are more of a waist then for fvs. But it can help with DCs and we all know that arcaine builds are all about the big DCs.

Wizard, see all of the above. Unless you have a melee sub focus lots of work is going unloved, but even more so then sorcs, beacuse DC often wins over everything. The difference between 50 and 51 on wail/finger DCs can be huge.

So now that i have all that i will say, if you have a guy that is close to completionest but not a final build at least when looking at playing a single class think about making the best multitool you can.


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