Five Things I Learned at Turbine HQ

Today, a few hours ago really, thanks to Glinn, Tolero and Jerry I got to take a peek at the dreamland and now i give you five of those facts!

5, All Turbine employees must wear the same “company” shoes. They are black with a glowing bunny on them.

4, They have full time guard to ward off the Spanish Inquisition. Who says no one expects them?

3, There are giant floating pretzels. Didn’t see any cheese pools, however.

2, there were lots of cool toys, but most of them were on Tolero’s desk. Including the Mimic, who i tried to kill for the phat lootz, but Tolero keep spaming heals.

and the final thing i learned….

1, They have a huge “fish bowl” (it takes up a large section of one wall) full of people and shining lights. I didn’t see a single fish.

Alright guys, back to election coverage. Hope my guys wins and if you are rooting the the same guy i want your to win, if your rooting for the other guy, sorry but i hope your guy looses.

Anyway as always,

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