Quicky from the Road

So i am in Boston this week for UI17. And i am learning a few things that wont do you as readers any good unless i move off my.ddo. Which i don’t plan on doing, for now at least. But i only have a few mins before the second half of today’s work shop restarts so i don’t have time to write you long post, yet. I will try to write something between my day ending and heading out to meet up with Jerry and the guys.

Anyway, lets do some ddo content.

I got a donnation from a player that is hanging up the game or at least stepping down to a part time player status. So while we are loosing a brother, he game me some of his stuff to giveaway. like a going a way party, but with out him…

So if you are on Sarlona and want to try to get some good/cool stuff leave me a question or a topic you want me to rift on and i will enter you in a drawing to get one/some of these goodies.

If your not on Sarlona, sorry no loot for you but i will use your topics. 🙂

Okay speaker just started

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