Break Out your Checkbooks!

Its Movember and the Defense Guild is hairless, facial hair anyway. I am getting older and frankly my health and the health of my father and grandfather has awakened me to some of the larger health concerns facing men today. I am just years away from some doctor wanting to look in my butt. We need better options before then for sure!

So like I said the DG has shaved and will be growing badass moustaches threw the month, both to raise awareness over all and to raise whatever cash we can. Here is our team page:Team Defense

Anything you can kick this way will make a huge difference. Who knows someday this money you donate today might be the difference in saving someone you loves life.

So now a story so you can know my shaved pain.

Last night I broke out my beard trimmer and a razor and went to town. I haven’t had a clean face in more then 13 years. The amount of hair has waxed and waned but I have always had some hair on my face. This last year even I have been really going for the BIG BEARD look. I want to braid it like how Samius has his in all the great artwork Clankenbeard has done for me over the years.

So I walk out of the bathroom, post shave, and my son (who has never seen me beardless) starts to laugh. After a moment or two my wife hearing his laugher calls out from the game room making comments just from his bubbling laugher. After a few minuets of the boy giggling he tells me I “look weird.” And returns to laughing.

I head to the game room and sit down next to the wife on the couch to watch a show and she starts laughing/freaking out. I guess I look “10” years younger. Not sure how that works as again beard for the last 13 years…

For the rest of the night and into this morning any time my wife has looked at me she starts to giggle and tells me how I am freaking her out. Just that over and over!

I guess that is not true, she also covered her eyes once and told me she hopes I wouldn’t be offended if she stopped looking at me when we talk.

Please if you have a spare dollar or two, make my pain worth wild and kick what you can to our Movember donations. Again that website is: Team Defense

3 thoughts on “Break Out your Checkbooks!

  1. It has been over 20 years since I was last ‘clean-shaven,’ however, I am not ready to voluntarily ‘wash’ my face anytime soon.

  2. “I am just years away from some doctor wanting to look in my butt.”
    I hope by the time I’m your age this process is unnecessary. Where is our rectal ultrasound?

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