Ready to Be Home

While i had lots of fun these last few days and i learned a lot so good stuff for work, i am just ready to be home. I miss my fam and dog, and i am just ready to fall away from the trends i am already seeing post election day and get back into game.

I haven’t made a lot of decisions on what is next for me in game. But i can say i have narrowed it down to Java TRing in to a druid, or taking Sam thru a his first life with the completionest feat avable.

Seems silly not to get Samius to a place where i can take some personal time and just do end game stuff. Glinn kept asking me questions about how i felt about the “end game” and i didn’t have an answer better then ” I don’t know”… So taking that time might be a good idea..

Am i done TRing Sam? This whole TRing path for me started as a way to better my spell pen and free up some feats.But i only have only gained one more spell pen from when i started. maybe one more FvS life is in order? Or maybe i have spent so long TRing i don’t know how to do anything else?


well i have all day today to sit and wait on my way home, maybe i will arive home in more ways then just one…

One thought on “Ready to Be Home

  1. “maybe i will arive home in more ways then just one…”

    Man, that was a cool phrase. That’s going into my quotes collection 🙂 How would you like to be cited?

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