Feeling Bad, Follow Up

Hey guys, I am 1/3 back to normal so I guess you all can have a post. I want to do a quick follow up on my last post as I took some flack but got even more support. And I think that Finch_Bloomwhiffler had a great follow up reply and I don’t think I could do much better, but here is a quick 2 cents.

I will say this on the topic and that will be it. Right now there are 3-4 accounts that have earned the bulk of the renown for the DG. Samius alone as almost 7mil and my other “main” alts have numbers around the 3 mil mark each. When your talking about 22mil renown those are big numbers. My.ddo says there are 85 characters in the DG. And I can say 35-40 of those are mine (across 2 accounts). Looking up some of the naysayer’s guilds they are close to our guild level but have almost a thousand members. Divide 1k by 30(for the max alts per account) and you have 33 members more like twice that I would guess. If we were that kind of guild it would be easy to add people because each account is a smaller % of our guild. Right now when we add an account that account is more then a 1/10th of our guild and that is a huge weight to handle with on a super casual time frame.

That said I would like to see a way some way to set the casual guild members to a simi-active status so we could add them willy-nilly, if only to help get them ship buffs a little easier.

Also there was a comment that maybe next time I could do the “right” thing. I think we did do the right thing, but right for my guild and its members. The “feeling bad” I talked about was for allowing Tobril to step up and do the dirty deed of telling our friend no. Because I felt like I passed the buck as to keep my hands clean. That is what I didn’t like about how things went down.

Real post coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Bad, Follow Up

  1. The best thing would be to redo the renown system; the decay only leads to the kind of situations you’re in. It’s like some guilds get punished for wanted to keep the ship buffs for TR purposes. I get the idea about the decay but as with all ideas some sounds good on paper but leads to strange consequences when implemented.

    Kind of like destinies right now. The XP penalties are getting so heavy that I’m quickly running out of good quests to run worth the grind. And the only way I can solve that is by TRing. And I’m sure there are many who simply doesn’t want to.

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