I Actually Feel Bad

I know, crazy right? I, Samius have feelings? Yes I do. I just keep them in a jar under my bed for special occasions. Also the world is falling apart around us and the EU (<3 you guys btw) just got a Noble Peace Prize for not going to war with each other. Where is the one for the US for not attacking Canada? Hell in a few years I expect to get my own NPP for not killing my stepmother and putting her head on a stick in my front yard. Aka total bull shit. Lets give a NPP to the US armed forces for actually defending the world and keeping the peace…. Anyway with all this craziness around the world, I am going to tell you a story about something that bothered me, yep in was in DDO, because that is where my world is….. I am so part of the problem.

Last night hanging out zerging Thrall with the current xp train and I get a tell from a friend that normally plays on another server. We group up and talk some turns out he has a little side project happening on Sarlona this week thanks to some shared vacation time and this week he would be on a lot.

Very cool!

Do the gear up thing, give him some Cannith shards nothing huge but I hope they will be a help while he gets his footing as he has nothing on this server.

When Tobril says it is Xorian time, I ask Mill to be our 4th while we do some Xorian runs. Of all the words in the world to be able to spell, I can spell xorian first time every time {FML}.

He didn’t want to slow us down while he geared up and with buffing on the boat. But I explain that he would be helping us out so we don’t have to try and use a hire as our fourth and we have 30 shrines so stray spells don’t take people out losing the no death bonus. But the wife let me know that sounding a little rough even for me…. I was talking this guy into helping us while we caught up, right? But hey it is all about my xp at the end of the day, right?

So as Mil gets on the boat, he notices that it is a little plain and offers to smexy things up some…. A little unnecessary as we hope to move up to a bigger boat soon, but if Mil wants a guild invite I have no issues giving him one. Except Tobril and I have been having long talks about both cutting some people to lower the renown loss and adding some people to help with the renown gains. And we already know that there is a timetable on Mil’s project of about a week.

So like any other natural born leader would do in this situation, I pass the buck to someone else to say no, as I keep my hands white and clean. And over voice I say “You will need to talk to the guild leader”…aka Tobril who is in the group.

Who I think summed things up really well, saying yhe effects of adding of another short-term person on guild renown long term would not be helpful in the long term… Mil said he understood, but I just felt horrible. Both for letting Tobril do the deed and that is not how a guild should work in my eyes. I just feel shitty about the whole thing. One quest later and Mil “needed to go” and logged for the night. I hope he really did need to go and didn’t think he was unwanted. But as a couple of guys I wouldn’t say we will ever really know.

So I guess, Mel if/when you read this sometime, Want to rub wieners together? You know as a bonding moment. Not in a gay way…


3 thoughts on “I Actually Feel Bad

  1. From the US defending the world peace aka bullshit to treating a guy you consider friend like this for a couple more xp and renown this post made me sad. Shame on you Samius :/

    I still hope you’ll do the right thing next time since you show regret in the end, I have faith in you. A couple more or less digital numbers aren’t worth a friend be that digital or not 😉

  2. I’ve seen that situation in the past six months a lot in ATCZ, usually more of a ‘Can my alt account join the guild so I can get ship buffs with less effort?’ The bottom line is whether they play that alt account a lot. Ultimately there’s three main qualifications for ATCZ – 1) Are you addicted to the DDO crack? 2) Is Cannith where you get your fix? 3) Do you consistently get along with other people in the guild so we can have happyfuntimes? We never set out to be a ginormous guild corporation because the point was to have a guild of people small enough to know each other so they could count on playing together with minimal theatrics. *fingers crossed*

    So, yeah, I’d probably do the same thing in that situation. On a personal level, I’d want to pimp my friend as much as possible while they were around, ready with the airship invites and passing them loots, helping where I could. But if I knew they were only going to be around for a week, it would be selfish of me to bust the philosophy of my guild for personal gratification. I would hope my friend would understand that I can’t maintain one set of rules for them, and one for everyone else in my guild. It’s not to be a dick; it’s to be fair. It’s acting for the greater good, which is pretty much the equivalent of saving the EU, so where is your NPP, eh?

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