Project Dps, lvl 10

So I was able to power to level 10 on Darth Samius, aka project dps, but now what? Level 10 is where melees take a hard level turn and try to dive on the wrong side of the road. That would be on the left for those of us god loving Americans, on the right for you red coats.

The main body of the xp to be had while keeping up elite streaks are slanted towards those with WoF. For example: Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Shadow King, Shadow Knight, Shadow Lord are by far best quests in that level range for xp per min, but you need massive aoe dps to do it. Cleave and great cleave will not cut it.

So I am down to Co6 and some house D junk quests, but mostly I need to count on Thrall of the Necromancer for most of the heavy lifting. I will need to make those four ranks in my trap skills really work for me. That or use the alt account and make a fast trapper account…. That is a thought; in fact I think my alt account might already have just such an alt. a 9/1 bard/rog…

Well I got stuff to do. Maybe more later, idk. If you have a topic for me to talk about use the comments.

5 thoughts on “Project Dps, lvl 10

  1. You need to find either some arcane to duo with, PUG (yes I know, heresy! 😀 ) and starting at that level up to Gianthold you can easily stumble on competent TRs farming XP like mad or use a hireling with WoF (like Flare) but unfortunately they are entirely dumb 😦

  2. I’ve been called cheesy because of it, but I have perma 8/2 wiz/rogues on my alt accounts that exist to do traps and Necro 2 when my build isn’t at a warm and fuzzy place to get things done before Sands.

    • A few replies

      @comic i try.

      @Mal Gianthold (at least for me) is fairly easy to solo or healbot through on a melee. The right weapons make a big difference.

      @Finch I am just to lazy to part guys all the time. That said i have a level 11 wizard for just doing Shadow crypt for a piker. (also an opener for shadow)

  3. It’s not so bad cutting through it all on a melee. Find yourself a “TR Train” userchat of like minded folks that you can group up with. I know how Sarlonians feel about PUGs, but… post one up anyway.

    You can’t burn your way through everything, and it’s not as fast. But, with the proper preparations, it’s not terrible either.

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