What is the Best thing that “Could” happen to You Today?

Just close your eyes, not now after you read the post…. Hope I didn’t just loose you all… Anyway close your eyes and picture what would the best thing you can imagine happened to you, what would those things be?

For me I could make a list from unreal to simi likely to likely.

Upon arriving at home I find a crate with a working Iron Man (or Guyver suit) waiting for me at home…

I could stop for gas on the way home and on a fluke pick up a lotto ticket and end up winning huge stacks of money… Not very likely but huge stacks of money wouldn’t suck…

I could get home and find Alyson Hannigan and my wife in bed waiting for me. Fairly sure my heads would explode…. But I would die happy.

See how things are becoming more likely??? Okay not really but I can dream, right? How about we skip about a million billon (Sorry Joe) fantasies and get to some likely ones….

Get approval to attend UI17 on the company dime in Boston. And while I am there get a little tour of Turbine HQ and maybe some sneak peeks and what is coming….Well turns out some of that is happening. As for the sneak peeks that will depend on my friends @ Turbine ☺

Find out that due to some scheduling issues Tobril’s pnp game is off for the night and it is big xp night tonight.

Maybe I could get home and find that my wife was soloing in the U15 stuff and gets her Wall of Wood and I don’t have to help her farm it any more until we do it for the EE version. Man that would be sweet!

Lets see your list.

3 thoughts on “What is the Best thing that “Could” happen to You Today?

  1. It’s Euromillions lottery night in the UK tonight. £37 million. That would be the best thing I think.

    But I wouldn’t be averse to coming home and find my missus in bed with Alyson Hannigan, waiting for me, either 🙂

  2. The USPS accidentally delivers something to my address by mistake. It’s half opened already, the shipping container is torn.

    I decide to see if I can repair the damage before returning the parcel to the post office.

    I open the box the rest of the way to reveal the contents: Eyes of Charming.

    This is NOT going back to the post office.

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