In which Sam becomes the Helper

Last night @tobril and I took level six/seven and returned to the xp hunt. Zerging around Proof is in the Poison and some of the level 5 quests today’s blog post popped into my head.

For the next few levels my job is to lead Tobril through the quest like a puppy and be the bait for the mobs until he can run up and fireball them all to death. Mainly due to the fact that he has less then half of my hp but 100% the blasting power I have right now. 2.5[1d6] to the face per swing baby! Not sure what that means ???? but I know that it is less then 8-9d6 + metas + other boosts…

But leading Tobril around a quest can be a challenge by itself, so I don’t feel too bad.

But in just a few hours we all but locked up level 8, think I am 7 or 8 k short. Tobril is a little further behind. He let a pot slip in New Ringleader and I got way ahead and I am riding out the last few mins of that pot tonight. Then plan to not drink another xp pot until Shadow crypt. ☺

Okay will look at a bonus post later as this was a short one, but if not see you tomorrow. And if you are a voter watch the debate tonight and wish it was a 3way debate. ☹


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