Shatter Shot 10/10

I have a lot of half finished thoughts again today. So Shatter Shot!

Raids for XP Again:
I don’t know about all of you but for me raiding some at level 17-18 was a great way to nab 80-100k per TR run. Between Shroud, HoX, VoD, Abbott, ToD (if you got flagged) one run apiece was often a huge boost to the xp pool.

Now I can’t speak for every server by LFMs for these at level for xp have dried out. Looking at the lfms most people are running the content but they include people with epic levels killing them for any of us that wants to run them for heroic xp.

I would like to see maybe a straight amount of xp assigned to heroic players in said raid even though they are being power leveled as long as they are the level of the raid.

Is EDA more Efficient Token Farming on nE, If less Fun then hE:
Last night the DG had our epic night because the wife asked. And Tobril and I was like hell yes! After a DG, flagging and the raid we all went “What now?”

And the answer was EDA. Tobril and I both brought a piking account each, after all that is what they are for right? So not having run EDA since the change and short man to boot we started on nE. 24-25 mins later each account collected 2 tokens each and some larges were had.

Thinking lets go again, we step things up. 36ish mins we win. All accounts get the same amount of tokens and some larges where had….

Difference was i never felt like we were standing around waiting for mob spawns on hE vs having those feelings on nE…. But lets pretend as tobril claimed we could speed up that normal to 20mins or 3 runs per hour or 6 tokens per account plus fair epic xp and some larges and not shitty loot. VS we tighten up our hE to 30 mins or 2 runs per hour so a third less tokens and shots at those chests.

More Accounts for Me to Abuse:
Right now both Tobril and I run 2 accounts for farming and or quest openers. Last night that was super evident when we passed our alt account tokens over to our main accounts and the wife when “Hey”!

With 3 of us there is no reason that all of us can’t run 2 accounts for pulls, expect the wife doesn’t thing she could, as “It would be too confusing”. So that opens us up to the the option of having a 3rd account on my computer…. My lag my reward right?

Not Enough T1 players in my Guild:
When I evaluate how helpful the people are in my guild I can’t help but use a MtG mindset for scoring people. But not by player power like Magic decks but by play time.

So we have 3 T1 (tear 1) players, Tobril, the wife and myself. We play 20-30 hours a week and renown is weighted very highly in end rewards.

Then we have the T2s, those that play heavily for a few days a month and then they are gone for weeks. I often think of them as renown neutral or some loss.

Then we have the T3s. Those that play a few hours a month, just often enough to never get off active status but are net losses regarding renown.

My thoughts recruit another guild that might have a similar setup. Or might not have the resources to keep up the major costs of a large air ship.

Have any of you noticed that Thursday is 10/11/12? Just another cool day. Next year look for 11/12/13.

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