What a Difference a Helper can Make

So @tobril finally got all his work and other RL issues under control at least for now. Meaning TR time is upon us. Just in time for my other guy to hit his stride….woot??

Fresh off the tree and simi geared, I nabbed the two good wraps at level 0, Devition and Fernian from one of my bank alts, SamStorage I think. Hope you all saw what I did there.

Side bar, I also have SamStoragetwo and TestArty bet you couldn’t guess what they were meant to do?

Anyway Tobril and I in 5ish hours did what it took me about 8hours to do alone, get to level 6. Stk part 3 was down to 2 mins so that was a big help. But mainly it was just having another person that was in a zerg heavy mood. And we flew. For those on Sarlona lvling alts and what to power along some content join channel /defense and say something. We are using that channel to let people know what is going on and we will take people from there to level along with.

We talked a little (tobril and I) last night about how our two builds complement each other weak times. Example right now with my monk base and melee focus I carry a lot of the quests as tobril is mostly a burning hands build so lots of the quest killing falls to me zerging ahead and holding them off while he burns them and I punch the masses. My base speed allows me to run ahead get agro and pulling levers super easily. But later while I wait for my touch of death to come online he will be landing in Firewall/spam fireball land and he will carry most of the quests. And we will be trading back once we get to fire immune/high dex save land.

I missed having someone to pick up the slack some levels.

Something I don’t miss is not having someone to see weird bugs and fluke deaths. Like last night we were on our last walk down on Information is key I jumped up on the crates to pull that “hidden” level right at the start of the quest when I tried to jump down I had a weird lagy thing where I just thought it was a normal lag spike when I just died. Some how I took 80something points of failing damage getting down from that crate. So for a while again “death to boxes” is my motto as once again they prove they are the most dangerous of all monsters. Some cannot be damaged ever and they kill whenever they wish.


One thought on “What a Difference a Helper can Make

  1. Yeah, I’ve gotten some of those weird “Jump off a crate and get more damage than leaping off the Harbor wall” deaths in the past… not recently, but often enough to go “WTF, AGAIN with this?”

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