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Leveling my dps project Darth Samius has been a bit of an eye opener again. Playing Samius for so long and just having the tools at hand is kind of different then playing someone with more or less nothing. I have done what I want to have in my tool box lists before but maybe this will give a little more insight.

Some setup, currently lvl 10 with 8 fighter, 1 arty, 1barb levels. Main weapons are falchions: +5 acid, +1 holy enfeebling (starting to feel its age) other weapons my lvl 2 +1 holy/icy burst greataxe, Phase Hammer, Shock Everbright club and a holy heavy repeater.

Last night I did a lot of Thrall runs and Threnal east/west part 1s. And let me tell you I really think a maul with holy/everbright with a large guild slot and if I were super lucky adamantine would be killer for this level range. As it was there were lots of times I was trying to kill one kind of mob while surrounded by a different mob type and my weapon would damage the first but not the second. Making the fight go longer and wasting resources.

Starting to feel the lack of fort. I have a Minos in the bank at level 11. And I have the xp banked to take 11 but I want to try and bank as much as I can here because when I start doing Shadow Crypt I want that xp to go as far as possible. Anyway back to the fort, normally I would try to work in say the claw set for some fort at this level or if I had it the Nightforged necklace. But right now I am using the bracers of wind and I am having a hard time swapping them out for anything. Think I could do some major gear swaps loosing the Greater Stalwart Trinket and swap into more fort and Hps but I would loose the Earthen Guard which I really don’t want to do.

Something I am starting to feel that is missing is a big seeker item at least in quests where you can crit. With extend Crit slashing falchions are 15+ crit weapons. That is why keen is so killer on them before your bab is 8 or highter. When ¼ of your attacks try to crit that extra seeker is amazing both to confirm and to the damage. +12 damage every forth swing is tasty.

Last think I want to touch on today is healbot hires. The FvSs are often stronger over all having more SP and HP over their Clr counter parts most of the time. Will often fail you because they often don’t have a second healing spell. And there are times when you need a second healing spell. That said being able to live long enough to cast that spell on you could be super important.

Okay enough for now, Tomorrow might be a total change, as I think I will take 11 later tonight and gear with get a major shuffle.

3 thoughts on “Tools for Power Leveling

  1. Another thing I’ve noticed about the FvS hirelings is that they tend to have an offensive spell. Which in some situations, I find this to be a good thing, there is a drawback in that heavy use of the offensive spell will run them out of SP much faster than is convenient.

  2. I enjoy a lot crafting on BtA items and passing them to my lowbies. According to Turbine this is not WAI, but until they squash the “bug” I strongly encourage everyone to save the BtA equipment from lower chains (more about it here and use it for cheap to craft bound shards (the item remains BtA after applying a bound shard!) for example like a ML:3 (with masterful craftmanship) moderate fortification item. They do wonders for low levels!

    About hirelings: unless I play a blue bar (which I most likely do) I prefer the FvS hires for their much bigger health pool. More often than not it is best to keep them stationary in the back anyway and call them only when you need them, but the FvS hires are able to absorb a few more shots before going down which can be a 5% difference in XP 😉 The cleric ones with double healing spells tend to die fast since all lack any metamagics (like quicken for example).

    A strange thing I noticed: I am pretty sure that FvS hires also have a hidden healing spell loaded since I seldom notice they use a heal on themselves but the heal spell on the bar is not on a countdown. I cannot swear by it though. I also think all of them use pots for both health/spell points, but I zerg a lot and not pay much attention to them. Anyone can confirm it?

    Either way, it was a good insightful post. Keep them up 🙂

  3. Mal, most Clrs have more then one healing spell. Even if it is not on their bar. But the mid level FvSs as far as my beat down the boss/heal me testing they do not.

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