Hey guys if you’re going to vote negatively could you please use the comments or send a fast PM and let me know why you’re doing so. Same for positive voting really: but I assume that positive votes with out comments mean you got a little enjoyment from the read.

Every note helps me out. Even if you say because you’re spelling is horrible or I think you’re an ass so I am voting you down. Neg votes on their own are not as helpful as a few quick werds.

8 thoughts on “Feedbacks

  1. I know what you mean, I had a similar experience with a post I did a few weeks ago but had no idea why it might have been voted down. A comment why would have been nice. Drove me nuts for days…..

    BTW I was your second vote of 5/5 – I usually pick up something from your posts 🙂

  2. I voted 5 stars. For me this simply means a nod after a good read, if I ever feel the need to add something I do, but that rarely happens since usually the bloggers lay their thoughts and don’t seem to require much feedback or at least not explicitly.

    On the same tone I refrain from giving lower votes, if I don’t like the post or I don’t agree with the ideas – I simply move on. No need to made a whole case out of someones beliefs. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I try to respect it as much as possible, since debates are most often than not counter productive.

    Thumbs up for you cheers!

  3. You could be like DeaHamlet, and try to publicly humiliate anyone who gives you a low vote. And post that would get that vote, would be whining posts that seem to go on and on forever, sometimes not even getting to a point.

  4. Don’t worry much about it, the problem is not with your posts, they are great.

    There is some people who fell pleasure just rating 1 in every post they get in the occasional days they look at my.ddo. Depending the day, you can also be called out of the basement.

    I got that twice already.

  5. I really do care about the feed back. I am not asking for people to vote one way or the other as a ego stroke. I just want to be able to give you all content that you enjoy as you read it. If you happen to get something out of it other then the briefest enjoyment then double win.

    I think that PrdPolack has a valid point about posts that dont have a real point. But i am not always trying to covey a point just entertain so if there are low votes for that then i understand wont make me always have a point but at least i understand why post X was rated lower.

    Like i said please give some feed back just so i know why you didn’t like something.

    Again thanks everyone for leaving comments.

  6. I tend to be guilty of rating without leaving feedback because a lot of times I’m just reading while waiting for DDO to load, and I rate and move on.

    The naming and shaming for rating low posts is completely classless, IMHO. Someone disagrees with you so you think that gives you the right to publicly humiliate them? Uh, NO. If I were afraid of someone disagreeing with me, I just wouldn’t post publicly, nor would I cower behind a password-protected post – I’d just tell my friends whatever was on my mind. But that’s a pet peeve for a whole ‘nuther post.

    Anyway, I like posts that educate or entertain. Mostly unless it’s REALLY bad, I’ll not rate at all rather than rate low.

  7. Myself, I only only rate when I appreciate something I read (to let the writer know I appreciate their contributions. If I don’t like it i don’t read it and most of the times if I see the same kind of posts/blogs in that manner of the person I just stop reading them.
    when there is something really that I annoyes me (most of the time becuase their viewpoint on a certain subject is really narrowminded and expressed so) then I do comment on it. but even then I don’t rate it.
    But seeing on how many people there are in a mmo I don’t think you ever can avoid childish or frustrated behavior. and so there is no point in worrying about it. the people from who you would like a meaningfull comment will give a meaningfull comment I would think.

  8. It’s rather interesting to note that not everyone knows that you can actually SEE who gave you the negative votes. Personally, I’d go see who dropped the 1 on me, and send him a message asking why? My guess is that I won’t get a response, and that it was simply a troll doing his/her dirty work. There are also a few folks here who DO post occasionally that seem to take great pleasure in telling us all to get a life and go do something other than DDO. The irony here is that what kind of life do THEY have if they feel the need to to take time out of their obviously superior lives to put us down for doing our hobby? 😉

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