40K Xp Until Tree Time

Most lives as I round things out I start to get excited to TR and get the ball rolling again. This life… Not so much. I am not sure if I am in a funk after watching my son face plant and then slide 4-6 feet across the pavement on our morning bike ride to set the tone for the weekend or if I was in caffeine withdraw. But I only gained like 3 ranks all weekend. With long breaks spent watching TV or not really doing anything at all…

But this is a new week so lets talk about the good game stuff that happened.

Healed a shroud as a level 18 druid. First of all we did get a clr to “solo” heal us, like I was just standing around eating worms. And second of all Mass regen/vigor stack for a fair amount of healing. Enough that after round 4 the clr who was solo healing the group still had more then half his Sp left. The actual feel at least for me was a lot like playing Java in shroud, Go in with the melees. Auto attack and watch timers. Mass regen/Cold Dot/ Mass Vigor/Call Lighting as able. I jumped out of the blades once I was out of Sp not trusting anyone to heal me. Hit my bauble and massed and spell dps but Harry ported with out a visible sliver of health left. Maybe if I had stayed in or the casters dumped their sp a little harder we would have had a 1 rounder. As it was he didn’t last long enough, once he returned, to get healed from his helpers.

What else, made a huge dent in the guild renown needed for our next guild level. Thing that with some help we will hit level 74 fairly quickly, which will be nice for store xp shrines +5%.

I was able to cap out my F2P arty on my son’s account. So now I can bring along a helper while soloing epics for seals/loots/stuffs. So that will be nice. Also it maybe handly to have an arty for the guild when running stuff together, I might be capping out my bard/rog on that account for the same reasoning.

The AH was a helper this weekend, I picked up a pair of silver wraps for 250k plat a fair price and then looking for some cheap dr breakers for my dog, thought I might bring him out for Harry beat downs, I found a pair of crafted holy evil out sider bane wraps that also were silver for 150k. Think they were so low because once crafted on the silver was hidden from the name so over looked over and over again making the seller priced them to sell. And I happened to stumble into them. I can easily see someone’s pet getting a set of devil dr breakers now.

Well that is enough BS, time to get some work done.

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