A Short TR Break

My last few posts may have hinted around the fact that I am tired of TRing. And that is not quite true. I love leveling. It is a great deal of fun zerging quests and feeling the levels roll by. Gain 4-6 levels in a weekend and you might understand what I mean. But I am in a slow down atm and I want to do other things.

So I do what I always do when entering a funk, talked with Tobril. And together we decided to take a few days to do other things maybe a week (I am not 100% sure how long). I have a ton of chores to do to meet some of my personal goals here in real life land like spending more time on the bike as my weight loss as stalled out some for now more exercise is the answer and finishing the Green house and Chicken coop if i want to have those things for the winter.

So taking some time off of the xp grind might be just the thing to fire me back up for the next few bursts. Also it happens that I flew past the zerging Tobril due to a trip he had to take last week so giving him some time to get back to 20 wouldn’t suck for him and will let me farm up some loot goodies.

Let me see, I also have a list of things in game I want to try and get from the last few updates and this week is as good of time as any to farm things up.

My big question now is: Do I use Samius/druid to do this farming, Unlocking a primal ED or do I save my ED unlock for a later life and get into the divine ED via the Pally life or wait and pick a ED based around my final life?

Sure I can get anywhere sooner or later. But why work harder then I have too?

Oh this is a good sign that the topics might shift back to gear and loot for the next few posts. If you have questions or topics you want me to cover around end game/loot stuff now would be a good time to bring it up.

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