Topic two, Druid Naysayers are Wrong.

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head and I am not real sure what to settle on and turn into a full on post. So I am going to try and do a few smaller posts. I also have a few (not sure how many but more then 2) winter wolf codes to give away. If you want a code leave a comment on the topic and let me know you want a code.

Topic two, Druid Naysayers are Wrong.

This life even playing mostly alone or dragging a full on piker around has been super quick and easy. And I think that is because the druid class is so strong.

Sure there are some buggy issues. Like I am not 100% sure that power attack is working in animal form or whether or not the feats/gear whatnots that help monk unarmed damage are worth anything for a druid or not. I would so take the monk past life feat and work in the vestments of more fist dps if I knew things were working. But I don’t think things are right. But even so wolf/winter wolf forms are the nuts. I already talked up some of the lower level attack spells but cold breath is crazy good, almost no timer on a cone of cold? Yes please! And last night I took Jaws of winter. It is amazing even while soloing with a little bluff skill, I can’t wait to see it when I finally get to team up with Tobril who will be in total blaster mode on his sorc.

I feel the druid class is currently so strong I am really debating on switching from wizard to druid as my “final” completest build. I toyed around with the idea of going Arty but the lack of instakill in the arty spell list makes it a no go for me. But hell druids have Finger so some instakill. Even if it wont be as good as a PM’s. But they get better healing and can fill as many different roles as a good bard or arty. But I think they can do better then those other classes.

I am sure Java will be TRing to Druid once I finish up my Pally life while I debate what my “final” build will be. But druid is a real contender.

A like how the druid plays so much it takes me to my third topic.

2 thoughts on “Topic two, Druid Naysayers are Wrong.

  1. after reding so much nay-say to druid on the forums i was scared to roll one up myself, but this blog is showing druid is a good choise, Thank you!

    Ps, i’d also love a winterwolfpup code. Pretty Please 🙂

  2. Totally agree on the Druid. i just TR’d my 2 life Sorc into one following MrCow’s guide (WF 18/2monk wolf) and it is great dps. Can’t wait to get level 5 for my ion stone and chrono gear.

    Also, would love a wolf pup, I need a pack of wolves 😉

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