Topic one, Skipping level 12.

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head and I am not real sure what to settle on and turn into a full on post. So I am going to try and do a few smaller posts. I also have a few (not sure how many but more then 2) winter wolf codes to give away. If you want a code leave a comment on the topic and let me know you want a code.

Topic one, Skipping level 12.

There are quest levels that need help. Level 12 is one such area. Not there aren’t plenty of level 12 quests but if your like me you want to keep your streak running at max and you want to spam the good quests on hard after you break the ice on elite. Meaning that at level 12 your running level 10 quests.

You have some Threnal quests a few Titian quests and a lone sand quest at level 10. Aka not worth the time to solo when going xp per min. And this life I am doing really well keeping on track. I TRed on the 24th aka 7 days ago and last night I took level 13. I am on the faster track this life. Which brings me to my second topic so look for the next post to see what that is.

Anyway I think (and I talked to Glin and Jerry about this a few times at the Con) that if Turbine could just take Threnal make them all level 10 quests and tweaked the xp just a little I could see that area really take off. You might need to do a little bit of an item pass for the end rewards but I think they are fine and if they put in a upgrade alter like they did with the Abbot and Reaver raid loot I think things would be great.

So I leveled after breaking the ice on the one level 10 Sands walkup. And starting tonight (unless there is a MtG draft or pnp game happening) I will be hitting up the desert proper.

6 thoughts on “Topic one, Skipping level 12.

  1. Playing and also ‘worrying’ about ‘XP per minute’ seems to be mutually exclusive of each other. Playing the game should keep you free from worrying about the stats. Worrying about the stats makes this less like a game and a bit too much like WORK; work that you have paid to do……evil nasty thought there.

    I choose to play DDO for the fun of it, not so much of trying to achieve great things. I have 6 chars, 2 TRS, and am at a point that I could start the TR of another char or do a third life on my first TR char. With all of that, I have yet to attempt to craft any Greensteel, and have only crafted one item, an Underwater-action ring of wizarddry. So, as you can see, I am in this for the fun of it, not daring to take it too seriously.

    I would not mind one of the wolf codes, even though my comment is a bit on the negative side.

    • @prd
      Think we are just at different levels of play. You are still casual and i am a little more focused. Believe me, i enjoy the challenge of trying to get through the quest as fast as possible (most of the time). But sometimes i take things slower and smell the roses. Just because we both enjoy different styles of play doesn’t mean i think your doing it wrong or that i might be doing it wrong either.

      “Playing and also ‘worrying’ about ‘XP per minute’ seems to be mutually exclusive” not really. It is just a different style like i wouldn’t enjoy permadeath but i know lots of permies and they seem to love it.

      Different strokes for different fokes.

      About thinking your post is on the negative side, NEVER think that i will think your being negative for sharing your thoughts with me. The fact that you read my thoughts and care enough to leave feed back for me is always positive. More so when we disagree!

  2. @jafsupo here grousing for a code.

    I’d love to see threnal redone in the manner you describe. I like how turbine finally added named loot to 3BC to make it worthwhile, at least for TRs. The named Threnal loot is in the same category…Great for TR/twink…only a few with any usefulness past level 10-13. An upgrade altar option a la Sentinels would be nice, but adjusting the quest levels to 10 for most would certainly help fill a gap for you elite streakers.

  3. There’s Ataraxia as well – not quite logged in at the moment (darn slow loading screens) but pretty sure those two are lvl 10, and not terrible XP IIRC.

    I’m another one who’s never really cared about XP per minute. I just like playing the game. The only time I start looking at getting a lot of XP in a hurry is if I have a toon that’s really close to a level or rank and I’m getting really tired and want to go to bed. LOL

    And… wolf code? *puppy dog eyes* 😀

  4. I hate level 12 and it’s not because of XP per minute. I just do not like Threnal quests. The guarding the NPC business is just so ARG. I also am not a fan of Titan flag quests much, but that is more to do with the area than the quests, tbh.

    More XP might make me give them a shot on a 3+ life, but somewhat begrudgingly. They need to smarten up those NPCs. And give them some gear, poor guys!

  5. Yeah, i find i prefer packs that have quests around the same levels (Phiarlan Carnival, Sharn, Depths chain even though it isn’t a pack, i still love it, etc.) to ones with wildly-divergent levels (I’m looking at YOU, Tangleroot! 3-7, g’luck getting a party going for THAT!) So I like your idea of making it all about the same level.

    East and West – and the other random ones – being 10 and North (or is it South? Whatever…) being 11, I could deal with. It’ll either give you a bit of a Threnal break, or you can do ’em all at 13 and simply pause your BB streak, or you can do ’em all at 12 and have a bigger challenge…

    Actually… I find I prefer stuff where you don’t necessarily have to do ’em in order. (I’m still looking at you, Tangleroot!)

    I also don’t too often go for XP/min. I’ll generally take my time, kill everything, break everything, disable everything, loot everything, even when i don’t have to. With a few exceptions… (Yes, Tangleroot, i’m STILL looking at you! You suck in every possible way other than that precious House P favor! You’re still only barely worth doing for a trinket!)

    *ahem* But I digress…

    I never farm stuff for XP. Never. Possibly for loot, but never XP. Perhaps for a specific rare, but never XP. The ONLY time that happens is when i get into a Delera’s PUG and they decide to window-farm part 2 or 4. But that mostly annoys me ’cause we do part 2 a few times, and then the group falls apart because they have to do dinner or go to bed or whatever, and so I’m stuck halfway through the chain…

    (And I’d like a wolf code too, pretty please…)

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