Topic Three, Holy Tree Hugger Batman

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head and I am not real sure what to settle on and turn into a full on post. So I am going to try and do a few smaller posts. I also have a few (not sure how many but more then 2) winter wolf codes to give away. If you want a code leave a comment on the topic and let me know you want a code.

Topic Three, Holy Tree Hugger Batman

I have had the sudden realization that if the xp keeps moving at the same pace or even picks up with Tobril and the wife (almost ready to tag along), I will need a new build real soon. But with my new found love of the druid, I don’t think am done playing what might become one of my favorite classes just yet. And I have be wondering if 9 levels of druid is as good as 9 levels of monk to carry a build through a life……

Nine levels of druid gives us winter wolf form and 2 level 5 spells, so Cold Breath and WoF. Some fairly good Healing at the lower levels Vigor proper and lesser mass if you want to mass heal some… Fom and Sleet storm. And two of my most used Spells Ice Storm and Call Lighting. Oh and lets you take a real sleeper enchantment “Reaving Roar“. Trust me kids you will be hearing about this one again from the “build masters” later.

Wait there is a free AoE that happens when you kill a guy and it is sonic damage? Hmmmmm.

So what can we do with the other 11 levels of which at least 10 should be pally just to make life easy?

Well an Arty level gives some SP, rouge skills and a lot of Xbos feats. I don’t have any xbows on Samius. So a rouge level would be better over all. Maybe take that rouge level at 10 and dump all the points in to umd… something to think about…. That is when all the Chr skill items are about to kick in.

While we are looking at 1 level splashes we should look at Wiz and Fighter for the feat. Which may or may not be needed on whether or not you want to take a pally PRE. The only one I think would be worth it by the time you get it would be Knight of killing out siders, and doesn’t have an feat prereqs. So I don’t think I/we need to splash for feats.

Will pally levels be a help to the druid?

Your not going to get a ton of SP or any access to any really uber spells for that matter. Sure smites and lay on hands might help with the now huge pressure on your kind of small Sp pool, but I don’t think they will be enough help.

Over all I think if I will keep playing with this build because who doesn’t want to play a tree hugging holy batman? I just think it will have to go less Spell focused and more melee focused. And until the shape change melee stuff is all cleaned up I don’t see a great melee only druid in the cards just yet.

One thought on “Topic Three, Holy Tree Hugger Batman

  1. Ummm…Alignment restrictions…
    Pally is LG. Druid must be N of some type.
    No Pally-Druids allowed. Or Palabards or palabarians either. These combos could be nice, but they are not allowed

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