Is it Okay to have a Mistress?

I think everyone knows I love my wife more then words, even though she hits me. Send help. ☺ But have you seen the Xp in Shadow Crypt? Totally massive! I just want to motor boat her massive xp! At level 11 I just want to crawl up in side her and try to make sweet babies of with this quest.

Last night due to staying late at work on a project and then a stop at the store to pick up food stuffs and then eating said food stuffs left me with about 2 hours of game time with my not so secrete love.

I even went ahead and bought my lovely quest some XP pots from the store. First time run on Elite with my streak fully loaded gave me 43k+ optionals in xp for about 18 mins of work. Total satisfaction……

Thanks to some thinking ahead I was able to pull my alt account threw a few elites before I errored and didn’t catch the window.

I might have openly wept. I had plans to bring that alt account threw a few times and only once I had had my way with eShadow would I allow the alt account to wonder over to and pick up the quest so we could double team her on Hard walking down the good times to casual.

Thanks to rolling around with pure wonderment/joy I have when finishing with eShadow I let Fumblebot run out the door closely followed by Samius and I to late I caught my frack up. So Fumblebot got on chapter and started opening. Once burned; I made sure to have Fumble recall out before starting the end fight which still netted him 5-6k a run for standing at the door and throwing a few walls of fire.

The last run it was getting close to bed time and I was in a rush to get to bed before the wife and dogs take over the bed completely. I started to rush. Not stopping to gather any extra gears. I am sorry I missed the signs Shadow. As I ran for the final hallway I noticed that I could have gotten a 3rd of every color. But I was on a mission. The door to the final path was in yellow water aka west I swim threw and start auto running while swaping to Fumble and get him recalling and out of no wear Samius comes running into the starting room. I ran out the east room.

So stupid.

I start making the run again from the start, this time I noticed I ran pass 3 out of the 4 rooms that I hadn’t looted yet and had I looted the last room I ran through on my last trip to yellow water I would have a set of 3rd gears…..
Even with my mistakes I was able to make 6-7 runs in two hours. And the final run netted me the last xp I needed to take level 12 when I am ready. But I am not done running with Shadow. She and I have to make a dent into level 12 before I try my hand at killing maruts and beholders in von3 and robots in von4.

I am sure my wife thinks there is another woman on the nights I run Shadow Crypt but really there is just a special quest in the hole I call my heart.

3 thoughts on “Is it Okay to have a Mistress?

  1. 🙂 I’ll love shadow crypt when I don’t lag my ass off in it. I haven’t tried changing some graphics setting though…

  2. At first I hated the quest since I felt it is quite complicated, but in time I started to learn it so well that now I totally love it. Fast, huge amounts of XP, sometimes interesting named, what is not to love? 🙂

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